Easter Egg Design: The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide for Easter egg decorating!

Easter Egg Design: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for cool ways to decorate Easter eggs this year? This Ultimate Guide to Easter Egg Design is here for you! This guide goes beyond the basic dyed eggs to include clever Easter egg design hacks, eggs decorated with paint, decoupage, stickers and more. I’ve also included my favorite supplies for egg decorating to get you started. I hope you enjoy these ideas!

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Best Supplies for Easter Egg Design 

Craft Eggs

I prefer to use craft eggs instead of real eggs because then I can enjoy my decorated eggs year after year. You never have to worry about them cracking or going bad. You can use white plastic and ceramic eggs, or for a more natural look try kraft paper mache or wooden eggs:


Egg Coloring Supplies

Many of the ideas in this guide go beyond basic egg dyeing, but it is always good to have some egg dye on hand. It can make a pretty colored base for extra decorations.


Cool Easter Egg Hacks

Plain Easter egg dye is boring compared to these Easter egg design hacks that use shaving cream, nail polish, oil and brush pens! If you have never tried one of these hacks they are worth a shot, and kids will love them too.

  1. Nail polish Easter eggs via Design Improvised

  2. Oil dyed Easter eggs via Kim Spire DIY

  3. Tie dye Easter eggs via Color Made Happy

  4. Shaving cream Easter eggs via Crafty Morning

Easter egg design hacks to make at home

Flower Easter Egg Designs

I love the combination of Easter eggs and flowers. It is the perfect look for spring. You can glue on small artificial flowers, add flower stickers or floral lace to your eggs, or even use a paper punch to cut out small flowers: 

  1. Faux floral Easter eggs via Design Improvised

  2. Flower Easter eggs via Jessie Daye

  3. Floral lace Easter eggs via Design Improvised

  4. Paper flower Easter eggs via Tell Love and Party

Easter eggs decorated with flowers

Easter Eggs Decorated with Stickers and Tape

Possibly one of the easiest ways to decorate Easter eggs is with stickers! You can customize eggs by adding initials or or words with small letter stickers. You can use colorful dot stickers from the office supply store. Try wrapping eggs with thin washi tape. Get creative with whatever you have on hand! Stickers are an especially easy (and mess free) way for kids to decorate eggs.

  1. Letter sticker eggs via Alice and Lois

  2. Neon dot eggs via Design Improvised

  3. Adhesive ribbon eggs via Design Improvised

  4. Washi tape eggs via Alice and Lois

Easter eggs decorated with stickers and tape

Decoupage Easter Egg Design Ideas

I love the look of decoupage Easter eggs. This technique uses a thin layer of Mod Podge and a brush to adhere delicate pieces of paper to eggs such as tissue paper or patterned napkins. The results are stunning and it is easy enough for kids to do!

  1. Tissue paper eggs via Design Improvised

  2. Floral napkin eggs via A Wonderful Thought

  3. Confetti eggs via Alice and Lois

  4. Boho feather eggs via Mom Spark

Decoupage Easter egg designs

Painted Easter Eggs

Painting eggs is another fun alternative to dyeing eggs. You can use paint to stencil eggs, add a fun design, or even create a splatter paint Easter egg design:

  1. Stenciled Easter eggs via Design Improvised

  2. Terrazzo painted Easter eggs via Club Crafted

  3. Ombre spray paint eggs via Kid Made Modern

  4. Paint dipped eggs via Design Improvised

Painted Easter egg design ideas

Dyed Easter Eggs

Here are some dyed Easter egg design ideas for you traditionalists out there! Even if you use dye, you don’t just have to dip the eggs. Try mixing colors, drizzling the dye on the eggs, or wrapping the eggs with rubber bands before you dip them:

  1. Simple PAAS dyed eggs via Design Improvised

  2. Drizzled dyed eggs via Spoon Fork Bacon

  3. Rubber band dyed Easter eggs via Fruetcake 

  4. Stenciled dyed eggs via Design Improvised

Cool Easter egg dying ideas

Silly Easter Egg Design Ideas

The sky is the limit when it comes to transforming eggs into cute little animals and other characters kids (and adults!) will love. Here are a few of my favorites from around the web:

  1. Minion eggs via A Pumpkin and a Princess

  2. Donut eggs via Kara’s Party Ideas

  3. Chick Easter eggs via Tell Love and Party

  4. Cactus Easter eggs via Delia Creates

Cute and funny Easter egg ideas

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The ultimate guide to Easter egg design ideas!


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