Dollar Tree Easter Wreath – So Pretty!

DIY Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

Calling all Dollar Tree lovers! The Dollar Tree is THE source for the best wreath making supplies! I was able to make this Dollar Tree Easter wreath for under $15 using their artificial lilies along with pretty gold Easter eggs.

It looks so chic for using dollar store supples. If you want to make a pretty new wreath for Easter, head to your local Dollar Tree and snag your supplies before they’re gone.

Wreath made with Easter lilies and gold eggs from Dollar Tree

The only non Dollar Tree supply I used to make this wreath was the 18″ grapevine wreath base. You can get it for $4 at Michaels if you use their coupon, so not bad. Hopefully Dollar Tree will eventually carry more wreath bases too!

This wreath is as simple to make as trimming the flowers from their stems and gluing them onto the wreath. It takes just 30 minutes to make. Read on for the tutorial!

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Supplies for Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

Supplies for DIY Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

How to Make an Easter Lily Wreath

Step 1: Clip flowers from stems

Trim the flowers from their stems using a pair of wire cutters. Leave about 1 inch of the stem remaining to make it easy to poke into the grapevine wreath. I used 7 bushes of Easter lilies and 2 bushes of tweedia flowers to make the wreath.

How to clip artificial flowers from stems with wire cutters

Step 2: Glue Easter lilies to wreath

Start placing the Easter lilies around the wreath. You can add a dab of hot glue to the base before sticking them into the grapevine. Space them around in a somewhat haphazard way. There will be gaps between them.

How to glue artificial flowers to grapevine wreath

Step 3: Glue eggs to wreath 

Next glue gold eggs in some of the gaps between the flowers. I used three packages of gold eggs (18 eggs total).

How to make a gold Easter egg wreath

Step 4: Use small flowers to fill in gaps

Fill in your remaining gaps with stems of the small tweedia flowers. 

How to make an Easter lily wreath

The combination of the all white flowers and the matte gold eggs creates an elegant Easter wreath. No one will ever guess you got the supplies from the Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree Easter wreath with lilies and eggs

Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

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