Top 15 DELICIOUS Brunch Charcuterie Board Ideas!

Brunch charcuterie board ideas

A brunch charcuterie board is a fun take on traditional charcuterie boards. Whether it is Christmas morning, or your usual family Saturday breakfast, serving your regular fare as a breakfast charcuterie board makes it feel like a special occasion.

Brunch charcuterie boards beyond the traditional meat and cheese boards to incorporate everything from pancakes to bacon and eggs! It is easy to do – just take your main brunch dish, like pancakes, and arrange all the toppings around it on the board for a big impact.

Brunch charcuterie boards

​As they say, brunch or breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Why not take a few extra minutes to make it look amazing! 

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Top 15 Delicious Brunch Charcuterie Boards

1) Charcuterie Board Great for Hosting a Brunch via Mom Dish

This savory and sweet board combines store-bought pastries and sausage links with fresh fruit, sliced avocado, and other savory options. Make the hard-boiled eggs and crispy bacon in advance and put together the board right before your guests come over. Get the tutorial here.

most important meal of the day charcuterie board

2) Savory Lox and Cheese Brunch Board via Roche Bros.

If lox is one of your favorite breakfast items, then this is the brunch charcuterie board for you. Display the smoked salmon along with a variety of accompaniments such as red onion, capers, and cheese. Serve with sliced baguette or bagels. Get the tutorial here.

savory items weekend brunches

3) Mother’s Day Brunch Board via Honey and Birch

Surprise mom on Mother’s Day, or any day of the year, with this epic brunch board. Arrange mini cinnamon rolls, waffles or mini pancakes along with a variety of fresh berries and maple syrup in a small pitcher. Serve it to mom with a fresh cup of coffee! Get the tutorial here.

Mother's day breakfast board

4) Build Your Own Bagel Brunch Board via Ain’t to Proud of Meg

A charcuterie board is a wonderful way to display bagels with all their yummy toppings. This board will be a crowd favorite! Pair full-sized or mini bagels with several different types of cream cheese and lots of savory items to top the bagels. You could make a sweet version of this too!  Get the tutorial here.

good charcuterie board

5) Pancake and Waffle Brunch Board via A Classic Twist

This is a good charcuterie board if you have kids that love carbs! This one has enough variety of sweet treats to please the whole family. Save time by using toaster mini waffles, frozen pancakes, and store-bought muffins. Add syrup, honey, or peanut butter (my favorite pancake topping) in smaller bowls. Get the tutorial here.

fluffy pancakes and fresh fruit breakfast board

6) Build-Your-Own Breakfast Taco via The Baker Mama

Breakfast tacos rank high among our favorite breakfast foods in my house! The best thing about this easy charcuterie board is that you would be prepping all these taco toppings anyway. Just arrange taco toppings and salsas in small bowls and place on a big platter. Voila! Get the tutorial here.

breakfast taco charcuterie brunch board

7) Easy Breakfast Charcuterie Board via Feast and Farm

This easy brunch charcuterie board is all about presentation. Just take traditional brunch items – eggs, sausage, and waffles, and rather than putting them on a plate, arrange them in a pretty tray along with some fruit. Use tiny edible flowers as decorative elements to take it to the next level! Get the tutorial here.

Healthy Breakfast board

8) Light Breakfast Charcuterie Board via Big Flavor Tiny Kitchen

Yogurt is a great addition to a healthier brunch board. This breakfast platter incorporate yogurt, fruit, granola and other toppings with yummy croissants and hard-boiled eggs. Get the tutorial here.

delicious brunch board

9) French Toast Breakfast Board via Tasty Oven

This simple brunch charcuterie board is a fun way to display french toast along with simple toppings like butter, berries, and powdered sugar. Get the tutorial here.

French toaste breakfast board instructions

10) Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Charcuterie Board via Recipes From a Pantry

Make brightly colored fruit a charcuterie board of its own! Get the tutorial here.Fresh fruit light breakfast board

11) Donut Breakfast Charcuterie Board via The Baker Mama

This epic charcuterie board is so much fun! If you’re planning for a big crowd, fill a large tray with a variety of donuts and donut holes. This is the easiest way to make store-bought donuts look extra fancy! Get the tutorial here.

breakfast favorite charcuterie board

12) Yogurt and Granola Parfait Brunch Board via Life Is A Party

Make your own yogurt parfait with this pretty charcuterie board. This would be the perfect idea for a baby shower. Get the tutorial here.

yogurt and granola breakfast board

13) Christmas Brunch Charcuterie Board via Our Southern Home

Make a festive brunch board for Christmas day with mini sandwiches and other finger food. The addition of some fresh greenery and a bottle of bubbly make it instantly special! Get the tutorial here.

christmas brunch board

14) Build Your Own Toast Brunch Board via The Baker Mama

Make your own fancy toast with with fried eggs, avocados, bacon and more with this brunch board. Or go the sweet route with jams, Nutella and fruit! Just toast up some slices of bread ahead of time. Get the tutorial here.

Breakfast Toast Brunch board

15) European Style Brunch Charcuterie Board via Fun Food and Faraway Places

This European-inspired tray is a healthy take on a brunch board. Get the tutorial here.

easy charcuterie board

More Charcuterie Board Ideas!

Charcuterie boards are perfect for a variety of occasions! Don’t miss these other great ideas:


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