DIY Neon Polka Dot Sticker Easter Eggs

Sticker Easter Eggs

It’s been a fun week – full of EGGS! We’re wrapping up Easter Egg Week with an easy peasy sticker Easter eggs decorating idea involving… neon office supply stickers!

Neon dot sticker Easter eggs

Yep, all you need to add a modern neon touch to some plain white eggs are a package of small color coding dots you can find at your local office supply store (or Hobby Lobby for that matter – that’s where I found these!)

Neon dot sticker Easter eggs
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For me, the simpler the project the better and just like yesterday’s Lace Eggs, these eggs are as simple as peel and stick. I used faux dyeable eggs that last forever, but you can use plain hardboiled eggs too!

Supplies for Neon Sticker Easter Eggs

How to Make Neon Sticker Eggs

1. Peel off a sticker and stick it on the egg. That’s it! Make whatever pattern with whatever color combo you want.

My 3 year old loved making her own eggs with these colorful dots. So easy for little hands!

Like these neon sticker eggs?

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