DIY Decoupage Vase with Birds

DIY Decoupage Vase with Birds

Calling all bird lovers! You can easily transform a glass vase from the thrift store with birds! This fun decoupage vase craft uses Mod Podge and magazine bird clippings. Painting the inside of the vase a light blue really makes the birds pop. As you may know, I am a Master Naturalist and an amateur birder. I love my subscription to Birds and Blooms magazine and thought it would be fun to use some of the beautiful bird images in my crafts.

Glass vase painted blue with bird

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Did you know you can easily paint a glass vase? I love to paint the inside of glass vases because it gives them a smooth look on the outside. I use a special Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint that works on glass and is permanent after it cures. You can even fill the glass with water. Check out my tutorial for painting glass vases. 



Supplies for DIY Bird Vase

Supplies for DIY decoupage bird vase

How to Decoupage a Vase

1. Cut out bird images

Use scissors to cut out the birds you want to use from a magazine or printout from the web. Choose images that are small enough to fit on a side of the vase. I like cutting as close to the birds as possible, leaving very little border around them. I also included the branches or flowers they were perched on to make them look more realistic.

Clipping bird images from magazine

2. Cover side of vase with Mod Podge

Start by applying a thin coat of glossy Mod Podge to one side of the vase with a foam brush.

Painting vase with Mod Podge

3. Position bird image on vase

Press your bird image onto the Mod Podge and trim any part of the image that extends beyond the vase with scissors.

Using Mod Podge and magazine clippings to decorate a vase

4. Seal with another coat of Mod Podge

Seal your bird image with an additional thin coat of Mod Podge. Continue with the other sides of the vase. Let dry completely.

Sealing vase with a coat of Mod Podge

5. Paint the inside of the vase

Use acrylic craft paint and a small brush to paint the inside of your vase with 2-3 coats of paint. If you plan to put water in your vase I recommend using the Martha Stewart Multi-Purpose Satin line of acrylic craft paints. They cure on glass within 21 days. You can also use it as a fun pencil cup like I did!

Painted glass vase with bird image

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Glass vase decoupaged with birds

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