DIY Boho Vases

Terracotta planter decorated with boho trim

DIY Boho Vases

Want to make expensive Anthropologie looking boho vases on a budget? You can make each of these for under $10 each with a few simple supplies! These terracotta planters in modern sleek cylinders and cubes caught my eye at Hobby Lobby the other day.  I thought it would be fun to give them a simple boho makeover with some colorful graphic ribbon.

Group of boho planters with houseplants

I love finding clever ways to make unique vases – here are some of my other DIY vase ideas. You can never have enough houseplants or flowers to display on the surfaces of your home! I actually filled these vases with faux houseplants. It eliminates the need to keep them watered (and alive!) and they look just as good.

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Supplies for DIY Boho Vases

Supplies for boho terracotta planters

How to Make Boho Vases

1. Select your ribbons

Choose the combination of ribbons you want for each vase. I think a grouping of vases with different ribbons looks especially nice. Wrap the ribbon around the vase to determine how much you need and cut to size.

DIY boho flower vase

2. Attach ribbon with hot glue

Attach the ribbon to the vase by running a bead of hot glue along the top and bottom edges of the ribbon. Be careful to keep the ribbon level as you wrap it around the vase. 

DIY bohemian flower vase

3. Add additional ribbons as desired

Decorate with more ribbons until you get that perfect boho look. You could even incorporate some pom-pom trim! 

Terracotta planter decorated with boho trim

You can fill these terracotta planters with soil and a small houseplant, or a faux houseplant (the easiest option!). If you want to use these as flower vases, first put the flower arrangement in a small water-filled glass and place it inside the terracotta planter.

DIY boho terracotta planters

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