Trick or Treat Part II: No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

October 14, 2011 | FILED UNDER: Holidays / Parties
No Halloween decorations are complete without pumpkins…and as of now we have none. That will all change tomorrow though as we plan to head out of the city and hit up one of the several pumpkin farms in the area. I can’t wait! I’ve been busy saving some fun pumpkin ideas to try out. All of them are ‘non-carve’. While I like carving pumpkins, I’m not really up for it this year. Plus, the pumpkins will keep looking good through Thanksgiving with these ideas.


I’ve already bought some twine and fake spiders to try out this idea from Good Housekeeping. It looks pretty simple – just wrap the twine around and hot glue in spots to hold:

Pumpkin decals like the “BOO!” and the “Trick or Treat” are the ‘new’ thing I’ve seen a lot of, as shown below. Just wonder how hard it would be to affix them smoothly on a bumpy pumpkin. The pumpkins I thought were the coolest here were the ones that were spray painted black and then scraped with a key to reveal the pumpkin color underneath. I have some leftover white spray paint that would be fun to try out this technique with:


Source: Family Circle (Oct. 2011)
I also loved the pumpkins with the wavy ribbon (what’s that called??) glued down the sides of the pumpkins shown in the back of the photo here:
Source: Family Circle (Oct. 2011)
Kind of hard to see, but I love the gold paint treatment to these pumpkins. They used circular stickers and either traced around them and then painted in the circle with gold craft paint, or they painted around them and then removed the stickers. I think the rectangles and stripes could be done with masking tape. I have some gold acrylic paint, so would love to try this too!


Source: Southern Living (Oct. 2011)
And here are a couple cute ideas to do with baby pumpkins. The zombie looking ones with the teeth kind of freak me out, but I absolutely love the addition of bat wings to the pumpkin in the middle. Just hot glue on construction paper or (my favorite) foam sheets:
Source: Martha Stewart Living (Oct. 2011)
And how cute are these ‘peekaboo pumpkins’ from! I think Stella would really get a kick out of these:

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