DIY Face Mask Pumpkin

September 13, 2020 | FILED UNDER: Halloween

2020 calls for a different type of pumpkin decorating. Introducing the face mask pumpkin! I thought it was only fitting to have a pumpkin decorated to represent our new normal. I’m betting a lot of us an extra face mask lying around for this project. I paired mine with some simple pumpkin face decorations to make a Day of the Dead pumpkin and ghost pumpkin wearing masks. However, the options are endless for this silly project.

Halloween 2020 face mask pumpkins

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I found that a 9″ faux pumpkin and a child’s size mask paired perfectly together. You could always put a mask on a real pumpkin as well! A simple peel and stick pumpkin face decorating kit works really well for this project. All the supplies I used are from Oriental Trading.

Supplies for Covid Face Mask Pumpkins

How to Make Sugar Skull Face Mask Pumpkins

Step 1: Prep your supplies

I used a 9″ foam pumpkin and this peel and stick Day of the Dead pumpkin decorating kit along with a child’s sized mask.

Supplies for Day of the Dead face mask pumpkin

Step 2: Add the sugar skull eyes and nose

Position the eye and nose stickers high enough on the pumpkin so there is plenty of room for the mask below. A peel and stick pumpkin decorating kit makes it a breeze, and simple enough for young kids to make!

How to make a Dia de Los Muertos pumpkin

Step 3: Attach the mask to the pumpkin

Use thumbtacks to attach the mask to the sides of the pumpkin, pulling it taught. You could also use a dab of hot glue if you don’t have thumbtacks.

How to make a face mask pumpkin

Step 4: Finish embellishing your pumpkin

I added a few more decorative sugar skull stickers, including the mouth to the outside of the mask!

Day of the Dead face mask pumpkin Halloween 2020

Didn’t it turn out so cute? The Day of the Dead pumpkin decorating kit comes with three different designs including a sugar skull cat, so you can make an entire family of masked pumpkins if you want!

Day of the Dead face mask pumpkin

How to Make a Ghost Face Mask Pumpkin

Step 1: Prep your supplies

For the ghost pumpkin, I used a 9″ white pumpkin, a pair of ghost eyes and a nose cut from black removable vinyl, and black letter stickers to spell “BOO”. You can also cut letters from the vinyl if you have a cutting machine.

Supplies for ghost face mask pumpkin

Step 2: Attach the mask to the pumpkin

Use thumbtacks or hot glue to attach the mask to the front of the pumpkin.

Decorating a pumpkin with a face mask

Step 3: Add vinyl accents to mask

Add the vinyl eyes and nose to the pumpkin above the mask. Add the letter stickers to the front of the mask to spell BOO!

Adding BOO to face mask

This one is my favorite, I think! What version of a masked pumpkin would you make?

Ghost face mask pumpkin

Covid Face Mask Pumpkins Halloween 2020

Like these Covid face mask pumpkins?

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Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing the supplies for this post!


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