5 Easy Spider Craft Ideas for Halloween

Spider craft ideas for Halloween

Easy Spider Crafts for Halloween

I noticed something when I was looking through my past Halloween crafts – spiders are my thing! Unintentionally, I’ve done a lot of spider crafts over the years, and now I’ve come up with an entire Creepy Crawly Spider Mantel for Oriental Trading’s Fun365.com! I think I like spiders because they are more cute than scary. I’m sure there is a way to make them scary and gross, but I prefer the more cute pom-pom spider variety! Below I’m sharing 5 easy spider craft ideas that I incorporated into my Halloween mantel this year.

5 Halloween Spider Craft Ideas

1. Hang a Giant Spider Web

This giant spider web from Oriental Trading makes a big statement over a mantel or blank wall. I added a couple pom-pom spiders to mine.

Giant spider web with pom-pom spiders

2. Make Spider Web Art

Use stretchy cobwebs spread over a chicken wire frame, or add a spider web placemat to a wood plank sign. Top with spiders!

3. Decorate Pumpkins with Spiders

I have lots of ideas for you to decorate pumpkins with spiders – from wrapping them with a twine web, to adding spider stickers, to covering them with spider tattoos. You can find all my spider pumpkin ideas here!

5 Simple Spider Pumpkin Ideas

4. Create an EEK! Spider Banner

EEK! is the perfect word to associate with spiders. Make an EEK banner and top with a few spiders. Click here for the tutorial!

5. Cover a Skeleton with Spiders

A skeleton crawling with spiders is as scary as I get! Use a variety of plastic spiders to glue onto a life size skeleton. 

More Spider Craft Ideas!

Here are some of my other simple spider craft ideas from past years:

  1. Spider Balloons
  2. Pipe Cleaner Spider Garland
  3. Spider Plate Wall Art
  4. 5 Minute Spider Wreath

Easy Spider Craft Ideas

I hope you’ve liked these spider craft ideas!

Head to Oriental Trading’s Fun365.com for all the details of my Creepy Crawly Spider Mantel and a full list of supplies. This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading.

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