17 Amazing DIY Ornament Wreath Ideas

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath Ideas

17 DIY Ornament Wreath Ideas

When it comes to DIY Christmas wreaths, I think ornament wreaths are among my favorites. There is something about them that is so cheery and festive. Plus there are so many different ways you can improvise on them. Ornament wreaths are a great way to display vintage ornaments or use extra ornaments you have but don’t want to hang on the tree. Some of the most common wreaths feature Christmas balls, baubles or bulbs. Whatever you prefer to call them! I also love creative uses for different types of ornaments from snowflake ornaments, to vintage wood ornaments to mini present ornaments. I’m sharing all of these ideas below, along with different techniques for making ornament wreaths. I hope you enjoy these ideas!

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6 Different Techniques for Making Ornament Wreaths

There is no one way to make an ornament wreath! Ornament wreaths can look very different depending on the type of wreath base you use and the types of ornaments you choose. Check out these six different ways to make an ornament wreath:

Different ways to make Christmas Ornament Wreaths

1. Wrap a wreath with tinsel garland

  • Wrap a wire wreath or styrofoam wreath with tinsel garland. Then nestle the ornaments into the garland, securing them with glue. This is a great way to feature ornaments without having to have a ton of them. Also, the tinsel adds a nice retro touch to show off vintage ball ornaments.
  • This Vintage Bauble Wreath by Martha Stewart is a great example!

2. Glue directly to styrofoam wreath

  • Start with an 18″ or larger styrofoam wreath base. You can first wrap the styrofoam base with ribbon to give it a finished look on the sides and back. Or you can just start gluing the ornaments directly onto the styrofoam.
  • This DIY ornament ball wreath I made for Fun365.com uses a 20 inch styrofoam wreath base.

3. Use pool noodles for a giant oversized wreath

  • Want to make an oversized wreath for a big statement piece to hang over the mantel or an outdoor window? Then pool noodles are the way to go. Connect two together to make a circle and then glue on ornaments. Caution – you’ll need a lot of ornaments for this style of wreath!
  • This Pool Noodle Ornament Wreath Tutorial via Milk Paint is certainly an eye-catcher!

4. Use a wire coat hanger to make an ornament wreath

  • Just bend the wire coat hanger into a circle and thread the ornaments on. This creates a nice full ornament wreath.
  • Check out this Hanger Wreath with Ornaments via Six Sister Stuff

5. Add ornaments to a grapevine wreath

  • One of the simplest ways to make an ornament wreath is to glue some to a grapevine wreath form. No need to cover the entire wreath. Just cluster some Christmas balls on the base or side of the wreath and incorporate some greenery as well. You can even incorporate a strand of white lights like I did with this DIY Lighted Christmas Wreath.
  • This DIY Grapevine Ornament Wreath via Mommy Suite is a great example of an easy grapevine ornament wreath.

6. Use an evergreen wreath base

  • Finally you can use a faux evergreen fir wreath to nestle ornaments in between the branches. You can find inexpensive evergreen wreaths for a few dollars at the craft store during the holidays. Just add ornaments with hot glue.
  • I used pom-poms to mimic ornaments for this simple and colorful pom-pom ornament wreath.

Christmas Ball or Bauble Ornament Wreath Ideas

Christmas ball wreaths filled with round baubles are so shiny and bright! I love the lush look of these wreaths. You can go monochrome or rainbow with your ball wreath. The more ornaments the better.

1. Red Christmas Ornament Wreath via Six Sister Stuff

Stick with a single color of ornament to match your holiday decor. A variation of sizes and sheens (some matte, some shiny, some glittery) keep it interesting. Top with a bow!

DIY Red Christmas Ball Wreath

2. Rose Gold Ornament Ball Wreath via Design Improvised for Fun365.com

Choosing a set of monochrome Christmas balls creates a chic look. I interspersed some faux greenery and gold jingle bells among the baubles for this statement ornament wreath. 

DIY Ornament Wreath Styrofoam

3. DIY Ornament Wreath with Tinsel Garland via The Crafted Life

Rainbow order will never go out of style! This Rainbow ornament wreath is a fun way to display colorful Christmas balls.

DIY Rainbow Ornament Wreath

4. Evergreen Christmas Ball Wreaths via The Homes I Have Made

These wreaths show an example of how beautiful it can be to decorate a faux evergreen wreath with ball ornaments. I love how she adds a pretty bow to top it off!

DIY Christmas wreaths with ball ornaments on evergreen wreath

Vintage Ornament Wreath Ideas

Wreaths are a great way to display vintage ornaments. Perhaps you have some heirloom ornaments passed down through the family but don’t want to hang them on your tree. This is a great alternative way to display them! Whether they are vintage bulbs or wood ornaments, they look really sweet in wreath form!

1. How to Make a Vintage Bauble Wreath via Heart and Made

The pastel color palette of this DIY Christmas Bauble wreath makes it shine! It features shiny vintage bauble ornaments and mini bottle brush trees nestled in a store bough frosted tinsel wreath. Just attach the ornaments with hot glue!

DIY Christmas Bauble Wreath

2. Thrifted Vintage Ornament Wreath Tutorial via Bre Pea

This wreath uses a styrofoam base covered in glittery white Christmas garland. The thrifted wood vintage ornaments really pop against the white backdrop of the wreath. This would be cute on a child’s bedroom door for the holidays! 

Vintage Ornament Wreath

3. Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath Tutorial via Bre Pea

Another fun ornament wreath from the blog Bre Pea. This one features a variety of vintage ornaments given to her by her grandmother. Such a fun idea!

Red vintage ornament wreath

4. Vintage Truck Christmas Wreath via A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

This wreath uses a frosted evergreen wreath base to feature vintage looking truck ornaments and large jingle bells. Just nestle them among the branches and secure with glue!

Vintage Truck Ornament Christmas Wreath

Ornament Wreaths with Unique Christmas Ornaments

Any ornament can be a candidate for a wreath! Here are a few more ideas using unique ornaments.

1. Mini Gift Box Christmas Wreath via Design Improvised

You can find these little shiny package ornaments at the craft store. No need to wrap them individually yourself! Just glue to a styrofoam wreath.

DIY present wreath with mini gift box ornaments

2. Glowing Snowflake Wreath via Design Improvised

Snowflake ornaments are easy to find at the dollar store and craft stores during the holiday. These inexpensive ornaments make a beautiful wreath, especially when strung with white lights to make it glow at night!

DIY Glowing Snowflake Ornament Wreath

3. His & Hers Christmas Wreaths via PMQ For Two

Make a wreath for each family member featuring ornaments that represent their favorite things!

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath Ideas

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    1. Thanks so much Jodie! It is crazy just how many different ways there are to make an ornament wreath. It was fun to research them all!

  2. Wreaths are some of my favorite things to make at the holidays! Thank you so much for such beautiful ideas and the organization into categories’. I love that!

    1. I’m so glad you love making wreaths – they are definitely my favorite craft too! Glad you found this post helpful! 🙂

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