Make a Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath for Under $10!

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

Oh man, do I love a good Dollar Tree wreath! I recently made this Fall Dollar Tree wreath and thought I would follow it up with a Christmas wreath tutorial for you all. This wreath can be made for under $10 in supplies. I especially love this poinsettia wreath because it incorporates a sweet faux cardinal. One of my favorite birds!

Wood birdhouse and faux bird from Dollar Tree

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Supplies for Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

Supplies for Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath

How to Make a Dollar Tree Poinsettia Wreath

Step 1: Paint the wood bird house

If you want, you can paint the wood bird house. I used a pretty Christmas green craft paint for mine. I applied the paint with a small brush. Let dry completely.

How to paint a wood bird house

Step 2: Clip flowers from stems

Use a pair of wire cutters to clip the poinsettias and glittery fern leaves from their bushes. I leave about an inch of stem left to help attach them to the wreath.

How to clip flowers from stems

Step 3: Poke poinsettia flowers into base of wreath

Starting with the poinsettias, poke the flowers into the wreath. You can glue in place with hot glue if you want. However, the grapevine does a pretty good job holding them as is!

How to make a Dollar Tree poinsettia wreath

Step 4: Add silver greenery to sides

Poke a few silvery leaves into the wreath on each side of the poinsettia flowers, with the leaves angled up. Glue in place at the base if you like.

How to make a wreath with Dollar Tree greenery

Step 5: Glue bird house to wreath

Use hot glue to attach the bird house to the inside base of the wreath above the poinsettia flowers. Hold in place until the glue is set.

How to glue bird house to wreath

Step 6: Add cardinal to bird house

Remove the metal clip from the bottom of the cardinal by gently pulling it out. Add a dab of hot glue to the base of the cardinal and then attach it to the top of the bird house.

Cardinal on top of bird house

This whole wreath took under 30 minutes to make! The longest step is waiting for the paint on the bird house to dry. Seriously, this is such an easy and cute wreath to make for Christmas. I hope you give it a try!

Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath for Under $10

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