Halloween Spider Balloons

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Halloween DIY Spider Balloons

Introducing my DIY Spider Balloons! I hope you guys have gotten a kick out of Halloween Balloon Week.  As you can tell, I had more than a little fun coming up with these ideas. Thanks so much for humoring me by following along! I’m capping off the week with some creepy crawly spiders.


Creepy crawly Halloween spider balloons! || Design Improvised blog

These spiders would look cute in a bunch, or mixed in with other balloons. Why not throw in an orange and black pom-pom balloon while you’re at it. 😉

DIY Halloween balloons || Design Improvised blog
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Supplies for Spider Balloons

Halloween Spider Balloons

How to Make Spider Balloons

Step 1. Inflate balloons

Inflate 12″ black latex balloons with helium. I like to use the Balloon Time personal helium tanks. Note that these balloons will stay afloat for about 4 hours. You’ll want to make them as close to the start of your party or event as possible. As a longer lasting alternative to helium balloons, you can use air filled balloons on balloon sticks. These will last for days!

Step 2: Make pipe cleaner legs

Bend a pipe cleaner in half and turn up each end to make two spider legs. Repeat the same step for four pipe cleaners per balloon.

Halloween Spider Balloons

Halloween Spider Balloons

Step 3: Tape legs to balloon

Use a strip of clear tape to adhere two pipe cleaner legs to each side of the balloon.

Halloween Spider Balloons
DIY Halloween Spider Balloons

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Photos of completed balloons by Amanda Raba Gentis

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