Pom-Pom Heart Wreath

Valentines day pom pom wreath

DIY Pom-Pom Heart Wreath

Introducing my pom-pom heart wreath! Valentine’s Day is a little less than a month away, so I thought I would sneak in a little Valentine wreath tutorial!

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If these pom-poms look familiar to you, it’s because they were previously ornaments on my Christmas tree! I was wondering what I was going to do with them next as I was taking them off the tree. Then the idea hit me! I figured the red and blue color palette could still work for Valentine’s Day, even if not entirely traditional. I may very well be the first person to ever repurpose Christmas ornaments for a Valentine’s Day craft. 😉 

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Supplies for Pom-Pom Heart Wreath

How to Make a Pom Pom Heart Wreath

Step 1. Make pom-poms

You’ll need to make 40-50 yarn pom-poms for this wreath. Check out my tutorial to make pom-poms with your hands or use a pom-pom maker. Pick a fun color combo – Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just red and pink!

Step 2: Glue pom-poms to wreath

Start gluing the pom-poms onto the wreath form with a generous dab of hot glue.

Step 3: Fill any gaps

Continue around the wreath, somewhat randomly spacing the different colors. You don’t want it to look too uniform, so position a couple of the same color next to each other in certain spots, and alternate colors in others.

Keep going until you fill in all the visible holes (or in my case, run out of pom-poms!). I magically had just enough to cover the wreath, but there was definitely an “oh crap” moment midway through when I thought I was only going to have enough for 2/3 of the wreath…. and after making all of these, I wasn’t about to make more pom-poms!

Pom pom heart wreath hanging on door

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  1. Love this wreath! What size did you use and where you find it. All I'm finding are 12" and smaller. I have my poms all made……they're just waiting for a home!

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