The EASIEST Dollar Tree Fall Wreath!

Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

Need a new fall wreath? Introducing my easy peasy Dollar Tree fall wreath that you can make for your front door in under 20 minutes for under $20 in supplies!

You know I love using Dollar Tree supplies in my fall crafts. They have the best inexpensive artificial flowers and greenery. In fact, it is my go to source for the floral I use for my DIY wreaths.

I was excited to see my local dollar store was well stocked in tons of fall floral stems when I visited the other day. From my experience, seasonal floral can go quickly at the Dollar Tree so head to your local store ASAP and see what they have! 

Dollar Tree Fall Wreath for Under $20

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Get crafty this fall season and make your own fall wreath with dollar store items! Other than the grapevine wreath form, I used all Dollar Tree items for this adorable wreath. I used a total of 15 floral picks including fall sunflowers, white berries and cattails.

Dollar Tree supplies for autumn wreath

Supply List for Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

Total cost of the wreath is around $20, thanks to the inexpensive Dollar Tree florals:

Supplies to make Dollar Tree fall wreath

Dollar Tree Fall Wreath Tutorial

This dollar store fall wreath couldn’t be easier to make. Craft up your own wreath in under 20 minutes! 

Step 1: Clip flowers from stems

Use a pair of wire cutters to clip the flowers from their stems, leaving about 1 inch of the stem intact.

Clipping artificial flowers from their stems with wire cutters

Step 2: Start adding largest flowers to wreath

I always like to start with my largest flowers first. In this case, it is the sunflowers. They are also the flower that I use the most in the wreath.

You can add a dab of hot glue at the end of the stem to secure them into the wreath if you want. Although, the grapevine wreath typically does a great job holding the stems in place without glue too!

Adding sunflowers to grapevine wreath

Continue adding flowers until you have covered most of the wreath. It is ok if some gaps remain. You can fill those with your other greenery.

Fall sunflowers on grapevine wreath

Step 3: Add greenery to wreath

Now you will fill in the gaps with your additional greenery to cover the entire wreath form. I started with the sprigs of cream berries and scattered them around the wreath.

Adding berries to fall wreath

To create a more natural look, I positioned them to jut out at different angles from the wreath.

Dollar Tree fall sunflower wreath

I added a few fuzzy cattails to finish the wreath. I love the dramatic contrast between the deep orange sunflowers and the cream colored berries. The fuzzy cattails offer a fun textural element as well.

Adding cattails to fall wreath

You can always improvise and create a different look for your own beautiful fall wreath. Try using a different variety of flowers, mini pumpkins, glitter pumpkins, burlap leaves, or burlap ribbon. My tip would just be to limit yourself to 3 or less complementary colors and aim for a variety of textures.

Fall wreath with sunflowers and cattails

Don’t miss these other fall wreath ideas for inspiration including this mini velvet pumpkin wreath I made last year. Head to your local Dollar Tree to nab their velvet pumpkins before they are gone!

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath for front door

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