DIY Seashell Decor Cones

DIY Seashell Cone Tree Idea

Easy DIY Seashell Decor Idea

These seashell decor cones are a fun way to decorate your home with shells that you’ve saved from the beach! I’ve been saving shells from different trips over the years. If there is a beach nearby, you’ll find me walking along it first thing in the morning. I can’t help but pick up any shells I see along the way, and typically come back home with a ziploc bag full of them!

Seashell craft decor idea

Here is my shell collection. The only problem is that it was stuffed away in a box that I never looked at. What good is it to keep a bunch of shells around if you aren’t able to appreciate them? I decided it was time to find a way to incorporate them into my home decor. I originally thought about making a wreath out of them, but then I found a pair of styrofoam cones in my craft supplies that were calling my name!

Ideas for seashell crafts

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Supplies for DIY Seashell Cone Decor


How to Make Decorative Seashell Cones

Step 1: Wrap cone with burlap

Start at the base of the cone and wrap burlap ribbon around it, securing the beginning and end of the ribbon to the cone with a dab of hot glue. Don’t worry about the top of the cone showing through. You can cover that with a seashell!

How to make seashell cone trees

Step 2: Glue on large shells

Start with your largest shells and glue them onto the cone with a dab of hot glue on the back. Continue until you have covered most of the cone.

Seashell decor craft idea

Don’t forget to add a shell to the top of the cone to cover it.

How to make seashell decor art

Step 3: Fill in gaps with small shells

Use your small shells to layer on top of the large shells and fill in any gaps. It is ok if some of the burlap shows through!

DIY seashell tree cone decor

DIY Seashell Decor Cones

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    1. I would make a few cones of various heights to make a nice grouping. You have more than enough seashells to do it. Such as a 9 inch cone and 2 6 inch cones.

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