DIY Floral Valentine’s Day Mailbox

DIY Flower Valentine Card Box

DIY Valentine Box Idea with Flowers

Time to get those Valentine boxes ready – introducing my DIY Valentine’s Day mailbox. Whether your kids are making them for their classroom parties or you’re an adult like me who just wants a Valentine box, then this DIY Valentines’ Day mailbox is the craft for you! 🙂 I took a basic paper mache mailbox from the craft store and made it look oh-so special with some pink craft paint and artificial flowers.

DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox - such a pretty Valentine card holder for girls!

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How to make a floral valentine mailbox

How to Make a Floral Valentine Mailbox

Step 1. Paint mailbox

Paint your mailbox using pink acrylic craft paint and a foam brush. I painted the mailbox pink and the flag metallic gold. Paint a second coat if needed.

How to make a floral valentine mailbox

Step 2. Cut flowers from stems

Trim flowers from their stems using a wire cutter. Cut as close to the base of the flower as possible but be careful to keep the flower intact. If you cut too close, the petals will fall apart from the base.

How to make a floral valentine mailbox

Step 3. Glue flowers to mailbox

Add a dab of hot glue to the base of the flower and position on the mailbox. Hold a few seconds until dry.

How to make a floral valentine mailbox

Step 4. Continue wrapping flowers around mailbox

Continue adding more flowers to the mailbox. I varied the size and color of my flowers and positioned them to wrap around the mailbox from one side to the other.

How to make a floral valentine mailbox

Step 5. Finish with heart sticker

Finish with a heart sticker on the mailbox flag if you would like!

DIY Valentine's Mailbox - such a fun Valentine mailbox idea for girls using a paper mache mailbox and faux flowers!

I stuck with a pink and white color palette to create a cohesive look for the mailbox.

DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox - decorate a paper mache mailbox with flowers. Perfect for a girl Valentine box idea!

I really love crafting with artificial flowers and have incorporated them into several other Valentine’s Day crafts including these floral heart wreaths and floral balloons!

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