DIY Cactus Wreath

DIY prickly pear cactus wreath

DIY Cactus Wreath

I love making wreaths, so when my friend Amanda asked if I could come up with a cactus wreath for a cactus-themed baby shower she was hosting, I happily accepted the challenge! The result was this prickly pear cactus wreath inspired by wreaths I’ve seen in San Antonio using real cactus pads. However, for the Design Improvised version, we’re using paper plates. 🙂 They are nice and sturdy, have a bit of a curve to them that makes the cactus pads seem more lifelike…and the price is right!

Make this prickly pear cactus wreath from paper plates!

For those of you loving the cactus trend, this is the wreath for you! It could be a fun addition to a door year-round, an alternative to the traditional holiday wreath, and cactus party decor.

Such a cute cactus themed baby shower!

Amanda’s cactus themed baby shower turned out so cute, and in addition to the wreath, my cactus balloons made an appearance!

Cactus balloons!

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How to make a cactus wreath

How to Make a Prickly Pear Wreath

Step 1. Wrap wreath with ribbon

Wrap the wreath form in green ribbon or green crepe paper (the least expensive option!) or ribbon and secure the end with a dab of glue.

How to make a cactus wreath

Step 2. Cut out center of paper plates

Cut off the rim of the paper plates, leaving the center part. You will be able to make two cactus pads from this center piece.

How to make a cactus wreath

Step 3. Cut out cactus paddles

Free-hand cut two cactus pads from a paper plate and draw a few spikes on it with a black marker.

Prickly pear pads made out of paper plates

Step 4. Glue pads to wreath

Once you’ve made around 35 cactus pads you can add them to the wreath form with a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the back side. I layered mine in groups of twos around the wreath to mimic the look of this wreath.

How to make a cactus wreath

Step 5. Add cactus flowers

If you want you can embellish with a few cactus “flowers”. I ended up making a few simple crepe paper streamer flowers and adding them to the top of a few cactus pads with a dab of hot glue. Finish by hanging with a pretty ribbon (my choice is pom-pom ribbon of course)!

DIY prickly pear wreath made from paper plates!

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