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May 28, 2014 | FILED UNDER: Room Decor, Summer
Outdoor Kids Space
Now that the days are warmer, I’m trying to get outside with Stella and Hazel as much as I can before the sun gets too hot down here in Texas. While playing in the backyard and trips to the park are always fun, I also like to encourage them to do more indoor activities outside like playing with Play-Doh, painting, or reading a book. I love moving our meals outdoors too – on a good day we’ll eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside! Thanks to Hayneedle, we now have the perfect spot to do so. Using a few kid-sized outdoor pieces, I was able to transform an empty patio off of the girls’ playroom into an outdoor living space they can call their own.
Outdoor Kids Space
We absolutely love it and spend time up here daily – I’m sharing all the details on the Hayneedle blog today!
Outdoor Kids Space
This is my favorite corner of the balcony with these sunny yellow Adirondack rocking chairs built just for kids, an outdoor pouf to use as a side table, a colorful outdoor rug, and even some wall art. Outdoor Kids Space Have you ever seen planters like these? I think they are so cool! They work great hanging from a railing and come in a rainbow of colors.
Outdoor Kids Space
From painting and Play Doh on the picnic table, to digging in this sensory table I’m foreseeing lots of fun messes made out here this summer!
Head over to the Hayneedle blog for more photos of our outdoor playroom and a recent playdate the girls had with their friend Sebastian!
Safety note: Never leave children unattended on a balcony. This post was sponsored by HayneedlePhotos by Candice Stringham

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