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Kids Summer Rules at Home

How to Make a Kids Summer Rules Sign

And just like that, summer vacation is officially here! With the start of summer comes a few rules to attempt to keep some semblance of a schedule at home. The start of vacation is certainly different this year after being at home the last couple months due to the pandemic. Without the daily virtual school work to keep us on task, I’ve created a few simple rules I want my daughters to follow each day. If they complete these four things each day, I’ll consider it a success!

Summer rules list for kids

Summer Rules for Kids Sign

This kids summer rules sign is my latest project for Oriental Trading’s I painted their basic chalkboard a bright yellow and decorated it with one of my favorite craft supplies of theirs – this pack of felt and foam flowers. I’ve also used these flowers to create this cheerful spring wreath and this Home Sweet Home sign. So many crafting possibilities with these!

How to decorate a chalkboard with flowers

Our Summer Rules at Home

As for the rules, you can of course adapt them to whatever works best for your kids. Rather than follow a strict hour by hour schedule in the summer, we tend to have dedicated pockets of time for devices (before 9am and between 2-4pm is our general rule). The rest of the time I try my best to make it device free and encourage them to play together, make something or help out around the house.

1. Make your bed

I have always been a big proponent of making my bed each day for an instant sense of accomplishment. In fact, there is research behind this that making your bed can have a positive impact on how you approach the rest of your day. I’m working hard to instill this habit in my daughters so they are expected to make their own bed each day (even if it is a sloppy attempt!).

2. Do a chore

For better or worse, we don’t have set chores for each child. Instead I ask them to help out as needed and they can earn a little money for each chore they do. They typically help fold laundry, unload the dishes, and clean their toy room. During the summer I expect them to help out more than during the school year.

3. Read 30 minutes

My kids are great readers but they aren’t prone to voluntarily grabbing a book and reading on their own for ours (I wish they were!). We love our trips to the libraries and reading together at night before bed. I’m going to do my best to encourage self-lead reading each day. Hopefully I’ll make the time to sit down and read my own book at the same time.

4. Play outside

Kids these days! It is tough that their natural inclination is to stay inside. Particularly during the hot San Antonio summers, getting them outside can be a challenge. My goal is to get them out each morning for a bike ride or playing in the backyard before it heats up for the day. We love heading to our neighborhood pool too.

What are your summer rules? I’d love to hear!

Head to for the step-by-step tutorial and full list of supplies to make the summer rules sign. This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading.

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