Mom Week: Super Mom DIY Mother’s Day Cards

DIY Mother's Day Card Idea - Super Mom Trading Cards! #diymothersdaycards #handmademothersdaycards #mothersdaycrafts #mothersdaykidscrafts #kidmademodern

How to Make a Super Mom Card for Mother’s Day

Welcome to Day 4 of Mom Week. Today, we’re celebrating our favorite super hero – MOM! These trading cards are a fun DIY Mother’s Day card idea and a creative alternative to the traditional greeting card. To make these, I partnered with Kid Made Modern to use their new DIY Trading Card Kit. At only $9.99 it is just a few dollars more than a card from the store and your kids will have lots of extra trading cards left over to use for whatever they like!

DIY Mother's Day Cards - make Super Mom cards with this trading card kit!

Stella and Hazel loved this set and had as much fun making the Super Mom cards as I did receiving them. The trading card kit comes with 36 trading cards (in three different designs), 12 gel pens and three foil bags. My girls love gel pens, and I think the foil bags are a fun addition to the kit. It really makes them feel like trading cards.

DIY Mother's Day Cards - Super Mom Trading Cards! #diymothersdaycards #handmademothersdaycards #mothersdaycrafts #mothersdaykidscrafts #kidmademodern

DIY Mother’s Day Cards: Super Mom Trading Cards

To make the cards, the girls came up with reasons why they think I’m a super mom such as “because she loves me”, “because she reads me stories” and “because she takes us on fun trips”! They drew a photo for each and decorated the front of the card as well. When they were all done they packaged them up in a foil bag with a sticker on the front that said “Happy Mother’s Day”. The cards all turned out so sweet! It was like receiving multiple cards in one.

DIY Mother's Day Cards - Super Mom Trading Cards! #diymothersdaycards #handmademothersdaycards #mothersdaycrafts #mothersdaykidscrafts #kidmademodern

These DIY Mother’s Day trading cards would be perfect for Grandmas, Aunts, or any other special super woman that want to celebrate.  I absolutely love the cards that Stella and Hazel made me and will be keeping them forever!

DIY Mother's Day Cards - Super Mom Trading Cards! #diymothersdaycards #handmademothersdaycards #mothersdaycrafts #mothersdaykidscrafts #kidmademodern

Head to Kid Made Modern’s Go Make Stuff blog for all the details and supplies.

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