How to Make a Gorgeous Fiesta Flower Wreath

Make a pretty DIY fiesta wreath using cornhusk flowers. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! #fiestawreath #cincodemayowreath #mexicanwreath #cornhuskflowerwreath

How to Make a San Antonio Fiesta Wreath

It’s almost Fiesta time in San Antonio, and given that it is my 5th year celebrating this unique San Antonio tradition, I thought I was due for a new San Antonio Fiesta wreath idea! I partnered with Amols’, a family-owned party business that has been serving San Antonio for the past 70 years and the headquarters for all things Fiesta. I used a variety of their vibrant cornhusk flowers and ribbons to make this stunning DIY fiesta wreath. Whether you are a San Antonian that celebrates Fiesta, or just want to add a festive touch to your front door for Cinco de Mayo (or all summer long!), then read on for my simple Fiesta wreath tutorial.

Check out this pretty DIY fiesta wreath idea. Perfect for a San Antonio fiesta or Cinco de Mayo wreath!

The History of San Antonio Fiesta

A brightly colored  San Antonio fiesta wreath brimming with flowers and long strands of ribbon are often the first sign that Fiesta is on its way. Fiesta is a celebration that originated as a parade in the late 1800s to commemorate the Battle of the Alamo and San Jacinto. It has now morphed into a 10 day city-wide celebration spanning multiple parades, street fairs and concerts. Across San Antonio, you’ll see Fiesta wreaths being hung on doors, along with lots of colorful papel picado and flower crowns worn by revelers. It is one of my favorite parts about San Antonio.

Fiesta wreaths are traditionally made with tissue paper flowers. When I made my first fiesta wreath back in 2014 I substituted cupcake wrapper flowers for tissue paper flowers. It turned out so cute! This time around I couldn’t resist trying a wreath with Amols’ vibrant cornhusk flowers. These 5″ wide two-tone flowers are only $0.99 a piece. Aren’t they gorgeous?


Gorgeous cornhusk flowers for DIY fiesta wreath

They also sell bunches of these delicate pansy cornhusk flowers for $3.95 a bunch. Not in San Antonio, no problem! You can find lots of products on their website.

Beautiful cornhusk flowers for a Mexican fiesta wreath!

Supplies for Fiesta Flower Wreath

Supplies for a Mexican fiesta wreath #fiestawreath #cincodemayowreath #mexicanwreath #cornhuskflowerwreath

How to Make a Corn Husk Flower Wreath

Step 1: Wrap foam wreath with ribbon

Wrap a foam wreath ring with floral poly ribbon, overlapping slightly as you go and securing the beginning and end with hot glue. I chose a pretty hot pink for my ribbon.

Step 2: Clip corn husk flowers from stems

Start with your largest flowers and use wire cutters to trim them from their stem, leaving about 1″ of a stem remaining. Insert your flowers into the wreath by poking them through the ribbon. I used six 5″ large flowers and spread them out across the wreath. You can add a little hot glue at the base of the flower if you want to make them extra secure.

How to make a pretty Mexican fiesta wreath #fiestawreath #cincodemayowreath #cornhuskflowerwreath #mexicanflowerwreath

Next, I used three bunches of campanita flowers in pink, blue and orange. Similar to the larger flowers, I trimmed them with wire cutters, leaving a 1″ stem remaining.

Make a pretty fiesta wreath with this simple tutorial! #fiestawreath #cincodemayowreath #cornhuskflowerwreath #mexicanflowerwreath

Step 3: Poke large flowers into the wreath

I then poked them into the wreath to fill in gaps between the large flowers.

Check out these fiesta wreath ideas! #fiestawreath #cincodemayowreath #cornhuskflowerwreath #mexicanflowerwreath

My wreath looked like this after adding in the campanita flowers:

Step 4: Fill in gaps with smaller flowers

I used two punches of pansy cornhusk flowers to fill in the remaining gaps. You can make your wreath even fuller by adding more flowers, but I liked having some of the hot pink ribbon peeking through!

Step 5: Add ribbons to base

To complete your wreath, cut 3′ long strips of poly floral ribbon to hang from your wreath. I also incorporated some multi-colored tissue paper festooning for a fun touch! Add the ribbons to the back base of the wreath with hot glue.

Hang your wreath and get ready to Fiesta!

How to make a San Antonio fiesta wreath #fiestawreath #cincodemayowreath #mexicanflowerwreath #cornhuskflowerwreath How to make a San Antonio fiesta wreath #fiestawreath #cincodemayowreath #mexicanflowerwreath #cornhuskflowerwreath How to make a San Antonio fiesta wreath #fiestawreath #cincodemayowreath #mexicanflowerwreath #cornhuskflowerwreath

If you’d rather buy than make your wreath, Amols’ has you covered! Check out their fiesta wreaths.

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This post is sponsored by Amols’ – America’s Fiesta headquarters.

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  1. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful! I love your wreath! I wouldn’t mind wearing it as a headpiece❤️

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  3. I went to the website and couldn’t find the large multi color flowers is there a special place I should type in or look for. Thanks I really wanna make this

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have a video tutorial for this craft. It really is as simple as wrapping the wreath form with ribbon and then gluing on the corn husk flowers! I hope you try it!

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