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April 10, 2014 | FILED UNDER: Fiesta, Flowers
Today kicks off Fiesta – a two week celebration filled with parades, parties, and pageantry only found in San Antonio. It is a celebration that dates back to 1890 to honor the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto.
My first intro to Fiesta came last April during our house hunting trip. I immediately noticed a number of homes with brightly colored wreaths like these on their front doors.
Source (clockwise top to bottom): my friend Cindy (!), Sew Crafty Girls, DecoGlitz, Show Me Decorating  
There was something so cool about these wreaths made from a mix of artificial flowers, long bright ribbons, and other knick knacks thrown in. They were so pretty and eye-catching, yet just a touch tacky (in a good way!). I knew I would have to attempt to make my own this year!
I wanted to put my own spin on the Fiesta wreath so I went with a little different color palette (hot pink, orange, and lime green) and incorporated some simple cupcake wrapper flowers as an alternative to the popular tissue paper flowers.
This wreath was a lot of fun to make – it took less than 2 hours and under $40 in new materials. Since similar Fiesta wreaths go for upwards of $150, it was worth the DIY challenge!
Even if you don’t live in San Antonio, this style of wreath would brighten any door. Here’s how you can make your own:

Supplies for Fiesta Wreath

  • Foam wreath form (you could also try a grapevine wreath form)
  • Artificial flowers (I used 4 bunches – make sure to buy them when they are on sale! They are frequently 50% off at craft stores)
  • Colorful cupcake wrappers
  • Ribbons (not shown – this is a great project for using all those ribbon scraps you’ve been holding onto!)
  • Tissue paper (optional to make flowers – however, I didn’t end up using it)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters

How to Make Fiesta Wreath

1. Cut the flowers off the bunch using a wire cutter. Leave a couple inches of the stem.
2. Stick the individual flowers straight into the wreath form – no glue required! This is a fun part for kids to help out with. fiesta-wreath Don’t worry about being too precise – just scatter the different flowers around the wreath. You can always rearrange the flowers as you go along to fill in any gaps.
Remember to put flowers on the sides of the wreath so the foam is concealed on the sides as well.
3. Add in some cupcake wrapper flowers with a dab of hot glue. Making these flowers is super easy – you can find the tutorial here. In a nutshell, you flatten the wrappers, stack 2-3 on top of each other with a dab of hot glue in the middle, and then scrunch them up into a flower!
4. Once all the flowers are on, hot glue a number of lengths of ribbon to the bottom back side of the wreath. Many of the Fiesta wreaths use just curling ribbon, but I incorporated ric arc, pom-pom ribbon, regular ribbon, and even crepe paper streamers. Like I said, it is a great way to use up ribbon scraps!
5. Hang with a pretty ribbon and enjoy the burst of color on your front door!
I’m excited to experience my first Fiesta in San Antonio. I still have a lot to learn about the tradition, but at least I now have a wreath!
Want to learn more about San Antonio’s Fiesta? Check out the official page.

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