How to Make a Fall Apple Wreath

DIY Faux Fall Apple Wreath #fallwreath #applewreath

How to Make an Apple Wreath

Of all the wreaths I have made over the years, my favorite ones tend to be those that use a nontraditional supply – from cupcake wrappers, to wine corks, to corn husks – I’ve tried them all! However this faux apple wreath I made for Oriental Trading may just top the list of the most random material I’ve used yet. These apples could totally pass as the real deal from afar, but a closer inspection will reveal that they are actually foam stress balls. Yep, stress balls! You can craft while relieving stress. 😉

My latest video shows just how easy this apple wreath is to make. Stick a toothpick into the bottom of the apple. Then poke it into a foam wreath with a little hot glue – easy peasy! I have been making several craft videos with my friend Heather this year. We’ve been having a lot of fun learning the ropes, and are getting a little better with each one. It takes us about an hour to shoot what ends up being a 40 second video. We’ve also been experimenting with new transitions and techniques like the bouncing apples in the middle of this video. 

Make a fall apple wreath using faux apples! #fallwreath #applewreath

I’ve seen real apple wreaths like this one that look absolutely gorgeous and perfect for fall, however they are temporary and a waste of good apples! I love that this wreath can be reused year after year. I also think the mix of red and green apples and the sprigs of eucalyptus make it extra chic.

DIY Faux Apple Wreath

Head to Oriental Trading’s for the step-by-step Fall Apple Wreath tutorial and full list of supplies!

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