DIY Kentucky Derby Floral Hat

DIY 2020 Kentucky Derby Hat Tutorial

The Kentucky Derby is next Saturday, May 2nd 2020 and we’ll be hosting a backyard get together to watch the race. I created an inexpensive DIY Kentucky Derby hat for the party that I’m excited to share with you. You can make them for under $10!Make a gorgeous floral Kentucky Derby hat for under $10!

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I don’t know about you, but when I think of the Kentucky Derby, these elaborate hats worn to the event come to mind first. That, and mint juleps! The good news is, you don’t have to attend the race in person to dress the part. If you’re hosting a party, you can even set out the supplies to allow guests to make their own. I found my floppy hat at the Target dollar bins at the front of the store for $5. Head to the Dollar Tree or craft store for faux flowers to add to your hat.

Supplies for DIY 2020 Kentucky Derby Hat

 Supplies for DIY Kentucky Derby Hat

How to Make a Floral Kentucky Derby Hat

Step 1. Fluffy, full flowers such as faux peonies look great on these hats. Start by cutting them from their stems using wire cutters.

Supplies for DIY Kentucky Derby Hat

Step 2. Add a generous dab of hot glue to the backside of each flower.

Supplies for DIY Kentucky Derby Hat

Step 3. Press the flower into the hat, holding for several seconds until the glue dries. I found it helps to put the hat on in front of the mirror between adding new flowers to help you position them exactly where you want. You can also incorporate a few of the green leaves from the flower bunches if you like.

Supplies for DIY Kentucky Derby Hat

You can further embellish your hat with ribbons, feathers, or whatever you like!

DIY Kentucky Derby Hat for Under $10

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