DIY Succulent Sand Art Terrariums

Succulent sand art terrariums

DIY Sand Art Terrariums

Introducing my succulent sand art terrariums! My sister and I spent many a summer day as kids making sand art. Except since we didn’t have sand, we used table salt colored with food coloring! It created the same pretty results as colored sand does today and we would spend hours filling up little jars we found around the house with our layered “sand” art creations (check out some of the craft projects we made as kids!) These DIY sand art terrariums are a nod to my early days of crafting with a modern color palette and a succulent touch!

Create these modern terrariums with just colored sand and faux air plants or succulents!

I used a set of 3 glass jars and colored sand from Oriental Trading for this project. These jars are so versatile – I have also used them to make these cute candy terrariums for Easter.

How to make sand art succulent terrariums - so pretty!

The faux succulents I found at Hobby Lobby could totally pass as the real deal and don’t require watering. Score!

A fun sand art craft for adults - make pretty terrariums with colored sand and faux succulents!

Supplies for DIY Sand Art Terrariums

Supplies for sand art succulent terrariums

How to Make Succulent Terrariums

1. Pour the sand into the jar, adding a layer at a time. You can pour it against the side of the jar to vary the height of the sand. I filled each of my jars about 3/4 full with 4-5 layers of sand but you can make a bunch of thin layers as well for a more intricate design!

How to make sand art terrariums

2. Cut the succulents from their stems using a wire cutter and insert into the top of the sand.

Faux succulents

These look pretty from all angles! You may want to keep the tops off the jars to really show off the succulents.
Gorgeous colored sand terrariums

DIY Colored Sand Terrariums - so pretty!

I love that these terrariums match the color palette of my new modern cardboard wall art (have you seen it? Check it out here!).

How to make DIY succulent sand art terrariums - such a pretty home decor project!
Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing the sand and glass jars for this post!

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    1. Hi there, the succulents are actually fake so no watering needed! They can totally pass for the real thing, so I would absolutely recommend going faux if you plan to make these!

  2. Love this ideas! I will be trying it with my Residents for Sand day next week! Let’s see how it goes.

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