2016 Design Improvised Reader Survey: The Results!

Design Improvised Reader Survey

The results are in! Thanks to each of you who took the time to complete Design Improvised’s first ever reader survey. Your feedback was awesome and so helpful for making this blog better! I loved hearing what you had to say about Design Improvised, and I thought maybe you would like to see the results too.

Above are the most common words you used to describe Design Improvised projects, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! Read on to see what else you all had to say.

Interior design projects and home decor crafts are your faves!

These two came out on top as your favorite type of posts on Design Improvised, and the ones you’d like to see more of. This was really helpful to know, as I haven’t done as much of these lately! The good news is that I have some design projects in the works, including a fun monthly home decor series with with At Home stores, so stay tuned! 

Q: What type of project would you like to see more of on Design Improvised?

Here’s a surprise (at least to me!) – balloon crafts came in last!! These are some of the most viewed and pinned projects on the blog, but not necessarily the ones that you want to see more of when compared to the others. I’m guessing because they are less applicable to you than the others. This is helpful to know. Also, kind of reassuring as I’m running out of balloon ideas – ha! Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting balloon projects when the inspiration strikes. 😉

38% of you have made a project on Design Improvised. Yay!!

My goal is to get that percentage to 100%! Seriously, nothing makes me happier than having a reader try one of my projects and share it with me. I’m going to do my best at keeping my projects simple and quick to encourage more of you to MAKE!

Q: Have you ever created a craft or project seen on Design Improvised?

You like an old-fashioned step-by-step blog tutorial

I put this question in the survey because video tutorials are all the rage on Facebook these days. The problem is that it takes a lot of work to put together a good video, and I don’t know the first place to start! I was very reassured to hear that you still prefer a good old photo tutorial.
Q: How do you prefer to view craft tutorials?
If you do want to see some Design Improvised videos on Instagram stories, follow me here!


Many of you subscribe by email – and if not, you should!

It turns out, email is the easiest way to learn about new Design Improvised posts. This was awesome to hear, as I just started an active email subscription in the last year. If you don’t currently subscribe to Design Improvised’s latest posts by email, but want to, just shoot me an email and I’ll get you signed up! 
Q: How do you typically find out about new Design Improvised blog posts?

How could the blog be improved?

This question is the most helpful for me. I definitely appreciate all of these suggestions!
  • “Bigger pictures of your blog posts on your home page”
    • I hear you! I’ve been contemplating a blog redesign in awhile, as my blog look hasn’t changed much in the past several years. I’m exploring my options. 😉
  • “Trending crochet and knitting projects”
    • Oh man, I wish I could crochet and knit! I’ve tried my hand at it a few times and it just doesn’t come easily to me (and I don’t have a lot of patience for it). However, maybe I can get an experienced contributor down the road! In the meantime, if you’re looking for some awesome knitting and crochet projects check out my friends Flax and Twine and Persia Lou!
  • “A moms night out or regular crafting party series”
    • I used to do a monthly Design Improvised DIY Night a few years ago when we lived in Chicago and loved it! I’ve been thinking big time about bringing it back. Your comment has inspired me to get on this!
  • “More interior design thoughts”
    • From the rest of the survey results, it sounds like you are not alone, and I’m on it! 

Ask me anything: you asked, and I answered!

“How many balloons do you have in your craft room?”
  • Ha ha! Well, at any given time there is probably at least a balloon tank and a couple balloons blown up in my office. I also have a wall full of balloon photos. 😉 But when it comes to actual balloons still waiting to be inflated, I probably have several hundred (would you like to take some off my hands?!)
“Where do you come up with so many great ideas?”
  • Oh man! I always say I’m going to keep blogging until I run out of ideas. Fortunately, coming up with a new idea is never usually the problem, it is finding the time to make it happen! Which leads us to our next question..


“How do you find time to get everything done?”
  • First, I never get everything done on my to do list. Not even close! One thing I’ve learned about blogging is that there is always more that you could be doing if you just had the time. But what I have also found is that you love something enough, you’ll make the time for it no matter what. That typically means I have a couple craft projects going on at once, and I’ll sneak in 15 minutes of crafting or photo shoots when I have the chance between kid duties. It also means our home is often a mess! I admittedly spend a lot of time on my computer in front of the TV at night. However, in a couple weeks both of my girls will be in school full time for the first time. Endless crafting hours await!! 😉

“Why did you start blogging?”
  • I have no idea! It wasn’t something I gave much thought to when I started Design Improvised. I was a new stay-at-home mom and I was looking for a creative outlet. I started it purely to share projects with family and friends that I had done – like Stella’s nursery and first birthday party. I’ve been crafting and making all my life. See some of the crafts I made as a kid and the rules I made for my “craft club”!  I didn’t realize it at the time I started Design Improvised, but it was the first step in me discovering what it is I truly love to do!

“What is your daughters’ favorite summer crafting activities?”
  • For Hazel, my 5 year old, it is anything with GLITTER!! Both my girls also love paint projects. I let them choose their favorite craft paint colors and they go to town painting picture frames, wall hooks, and all sorts of other little accessories for their room. There has also been a lot of Rainbow loom bracelets and bead necklaces this summer… along with all the cool projects we did for Camp Fun!
Hope you enjoyed seeing the results! If you didn’t have a chance to weigh in on the survey and want to, you can complete it here. A big congrats to Tana H. for winning the survey giveaway!
Finally, I’m officially back from my summer blog break and will be back next week with some fun back-to-school projects, so stay tuned!

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