DIY Pom-Pom Valentines Box

February 01, 2016 | FILED UNDER: Valentine's Day, Pom-Poms
Calling all fellow pom-pom lovers – this valentines box idea is for you! Whether you decide to cut a hole in the top to hold Valentine cards or cover the the whole lid, this pom-pom covered heart box is a must-have for Valentine’s Day!

This box started as an inexpensive paper mache heart box from the craft store. The next time you are at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, check out their entire aisles of paper mache items – so many crafting possibilities! And then head straight to the pom-pom aisle. 😉

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Supplies for Pom-Pom Valentine Card Holder




How to Make Pom-Pom Valentine Card Holder

1. If you want to box to serve as a Valentine holder, cut a slot in the top of the box large enough to accommodate the cards. To do this, I scored the box with an X-Acto knife and then used a kitchen knife to cut through the box along the scored area. The paper mache box is pretty thick so use caution when cutting through it! There may be a better method for cutting through the box, but that is what I came up with!

2. Paint the box with a couple coats of red craft paint, letting it dry completely between coats.


3. Start adding pom-poms to the top of the box with a dab of hot glue. I started around the opening and then worked my way out to the edges, adding pom-poms in a random order of sizes and colors.

I added pom-poms just around the top of the lid, and left the rest of the box painted red:
Now all this box needs is some Valentines! If Stella needs to bring in a Valentine box for her Kindergarten party I told her she could take this one…as long as she takes good care of it. 😉
Now if you’d like a Valentine to fill your box, I’m sending Valentines to readers! Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll follow up to send you one of these fun Valentines from Minted!

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