Dining Room Turned Homework Room

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I absolutely love when a room design project comes my way, so I was so excited when my friend Sarah of Handmade Mood blog asked for my help. By now I’ve done a number of room designs but this is the first time I’ve ever helped convert a formal dining room to a homework room AND the first time I got to style the room and see the final product in person!  

Introducing Sarah’s new homework room for her six kiddos! With a full house of school aged kids, working at the kitchen table wasn’t cutting it. Sarah wanted a dedicated room where her kids could study and practice piano, with plenty of storage built in. 

Convert an underutilized formal dining room into a homework room! | http://www.designimprovised.com

Sarah was initially drawn to the idea of open shelves like these, and liked the look of a built-in desk and storage like this. While open shelves can look great when styled just right and kept oh-so-neat, I figured with six kids that would be next to impossible! So I encouraged Sarah to go for a set of these tall enclosed cabinets from Home Decorators. Then, to get the look of built-ins without the cost of a contractor or some serious DIYing, I flanked the cabinet with a matching computer desk on each side.

Here’s the design I made for Sarah. I love how we were able to stick with the essence of the original design while incorporating a few new decor pieces Sarah had purchased (how cool is that big brain print?!), and leveraging items from other parts of Sarah’s home. Tip: before you head out shopping to accessorize a new room, make a “shopping trip” around your house first to see how you can give old pieces a new life in a different room!

Sarah’s husband prefers the look of stained wood to painted wood furniture, so I made those pieces the focal point of the room, while adding pops of orange and green in the chairs and accessories. A few open shelves let Sarah still have some things on display without it being cluttered. A play table under the big window in the dining room allows the younger siblings to do their “work” alongside the big kids. 

Convert an underutilized formal dining room into a homework room! | http://www.designimprovised.com

Ok, that was sure fun – I’m ready to tackle my next room. Need some help? Shoot me an email and let’s talk!

Photos by Amanda Raba Gentis.

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