Gingerbread House Decorating Party!

December 12, 2014 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Christmas
My girls love to throw a good party (hmm, I wonder where they get that from?). They had been asking me to have their preschool friends over for a “party” ever since Halloween. Since that holiday has come and gone, we started scheming a Christmas get-together and decided a gingerbread decorating party would be just right. 😉
Of course, once I started thinking about the potential cuteness of a gingerbread decorating party it was hard not to go all out with the decorating! I contacted my friends at Minted and asked if I could use some of their gorgeous new holiday decor to make the party extra special.
With the help of their beautiful glass candy jars, jadeite cake plate, and gold foil dipped trees, I turned our kitchen table into a candy land.
I filled the jars with marshmallows and gum drops, and hung shiny metallic ornaments from the light above the table.
I brought the girls’ play table into the kitchen and designated it as house decorating central by rolling a length of gold speckled paper down the middle and having a house ready to go at each spot. To keep it easy, we found pre-baked gingerbread kits at the grocery store and Stella helped me assemble all the houses the day before.
Note: this is an important step to do in advance of the party. The icing needs a few hours to set before the houses are stable enough to decorate!
Stella and I dressed up the plain cardboard bases that came with the houses by wrapping them in pretty metallic chevron paper. For the candy trays, we used inexpensive paint palettes from the craft store.
For a personal touch, I created place cards using some colorful candies, a shipping tag, and a glue gun! I just traced the letter in pencil and then affixed the candies by adding a small dab of hot glue to the letter and pressing the candy into it. For the name below, I used letter stamps. You could also write freehand or use letter stickers.
The kids were so excited to find their name at the table when they arrived!
I spent the morning while Stella and Hazel were at preschool setting up the party and when they came home they were so excited to show their friends and dive into decorating (and consuming massive amounts of candy)!
Continue on for more scenes from the party!
You have to love kids’ creative minds. When you pair their imagination with candy, the results are pretty fantastic!
Hazel had as much fun filling up her ‘to go’ bag with candy as she did decorating her house!
I had little glassine bags and snowflake stickers out for guests to make a mix of their favorite candies to take home with them.
Each house turned out so sweet. Here’s a view of the colorful aftermath!
Stella thinks the party was quite the success. She hopes you do too! 😉
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