Halloween Bat Balloons

How to make Halloween bat balloons #batballoons #halloweenballoons

Halloween DIY Bat Balloons

Often times, the simpler the better. That was the case with these Halloween Bat Balloons. All it took was a pair of paper wings to transform these balloons into spooky bats! I love that you can tell what they are without adding any further embellishment. Leaving them as just their silhouette keeps them modern and fresh.

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Supplies for Bat Balloons


Halloween bat balloons

How to Make Bat Balloons

Step 1: Inflate Balloons

Inflate 12″ black latex balloons with helium. I like to use the Balloon Time personal helium tanks. Note that these balloons will stay afloat for about 4 hours. You’ll want to make them as close to the start of your party or event as possible. As a longer lasting alternative to helium balloons, you can use air filled balloons on balloon sticks. These will last for days!

Step 2: Cut out bat wings

Trace a bat wing on black paper and cut it out to serve as the template for the rest of your bat wings. Cut out a pair of wings for each balloon. My wings were about 5 inches long. You don’t want them too long or they will weigh down the balloon.

Halloween bat balloons

Step 3: Tape wings to balloon

Bend back the end of each wing to make a tab that will stick to the balloon and add a piece of double sided tape. Stick a wing on each side of the balloon and you’re done!

Halloween bat balloons
Halloween bat balloons
DIY Halloween Bat Balloons

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Photos of finished balloons by Amanda Raba Gentis.



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