DIY Ribbon Balloons with P-Touch Embellish Elite

DIY Ribbon Balloons

How to Decorate Balloons with Ribbons

You know I love a good balloon craft! These DIY ribbon balloons are my latest idea. They are such a simple way to make plain balloons extra festive for a birthday party or special occasion. I partnered with Brother to use the new P-touch Embellish ELITE Ribbon and Tape Printer to customize some of the ribbons for a birthday party celebration. You can use the label printer to add any message you want to a variety of P-touch Embellish ~1″ Wide Satin Ribbons.

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DIY Personalized Ribbon Balloons with P-Touch Embellish Elite

A group of these ribbon balloons makes for a simple and sweet party centerpiece. I used balloon sticks, so no helium is required. The best thing about these air-inflated balloons is that they will stay looking good for days. You can make them well in advance of your party, and if you ever need to replace a balloon, just swap it out on the balloon stick!

March is National Craft Month 2020!

Something worth celebrating with balloons is National Craft Month in March! What better time to experiment with a new crafting technique or tool? The P-touch Embellish ELITE has been an awesome addition to my crafting toolbox and has inspired crafts such as these personalized Christmas ornaments.

Supplies for DIY Ribbon Balloons

Supplies for DIY Ribbon Balloons with P-Touch Embellish Elite

How to Make Ribbon Balloons with P-Touch Embellish ELITE

Step 1: Load your chosen P-touch Embellish ~1″ Wide Satin Ribbon into the printer. 

How to use the P-touch Embellish Elite label printer

Step 2: Download the free P-touch Design&Print App to your phone and use it to design your personalized ribbons. You can choose from a variety of fonts, icons and borders using the app.

How to use the P-touch Embellish Elite label printer

Step 3: Select the correct length of ribbon for your balloons and print it on the P-touch Embellish ELITE. I used 15″ long ribbons for my balloons.

How to use the P-touch Embellish Elite label printer

How to use the P-touch Embellish Elite label printer

Step 4: Cut 4-6 additional lengths of ribbon and trim to add to your balloon stick. Attach the ribbons to the top of the balloon stick with hot glue. Be careful not to cover the notches where the balloon will attach.

How to make DIY Ribbon Balloons with balloon sticks

I used a total of two personalized ribbons from the P-touch Embellish ELITE and five other lengths of ribbon and trim. This is a great use for any ribbon scraps you have in your craft supply stash!

Easy balloon craft with ribbon wand

Step 5: Inflate a latex balloon with air and tie.

How to inflate a balloon

Step 6: Attach the balloon to the balloon stick by wrapping the tied end around the notches.

How to attach a balloon to a balloon stick

These balloons take minutes to make. Whip up a bunch for a party or for a big balloon bouquet! In addition to birthday parties, these ribbon balloons would make great decorations for graduation parties, holiday parties, Mother’s Day brunches, you name it.

Unique balloon decorating ideas with ribbons


DIY Ribbon Balloons

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