Top 10 Candy Charcuterie Board Ideas

candy charcuterie boards

Your favorite candies become even more hard to resist when they are arranged beautifully on a candy charcuterie board! These candy board ideas are an easy way to serve a crowd for a special occasion, whether a birthday party, halloween party, or sleepover. The best part about candy boards? They can be made right before the party with all grocery store candies!

Charcuterie boards can be so much more than cheese boards. Check out these fun candy-filled ideas and don’t miss all of these other themed charcuterie board ideas!

The 10 Best Candy Charcuterie Boards Ideas

1) Rainbow Candy Charcuterie Board via Penny’s Candy Creations

This is not your traditional charcuterie board! This rainbow charcuterie board is all about the gummies – from colorful gummy bears to gummy worms – incorporated with other different types of candies in rainbow colors. See on Instagram here.

variety of colors candy board

2) Chocolate and Sugar Candy Board  via Wanderlust & Wellness

Arranging smaller candies in small bowls is a great way to add some height to the charcuterie board. Adding different sizes of candies, such as the licorice sticks and gummy worms are another simple way to make it look visually appealing. Get the tutorial here.

Favorite Treat Candy Charcuterie Board

3) Wrapped Candy Charcuterie Board via Favorite Family Recipes

You can still achieve a pretty board with a variety of colors even when using wrapped candy bars and Jolly Ranchers! This could be a fun Halloween candy charcuterie board by repurposing left over candy from trick or treating. Keep it simple by filling a wood small serving tray with candy. Get the tutorial here.

Easy candy charcuterie board

4) Sugary Charcuterie Board via With a Blast

Different shapes like the candy strips and licorice sticks are arranged with smaller candies like jelly beans and gummies on a wooden board for a pretty pastel candy board. This would make a cute Easter Candy charcuterie board – just add a few chocolate bunnies. Get the tutorial here.Favorite Candy Board

5) Colorful Candy Charcuterie Board via Boards by Afeny 10

This candy platter has a variety of bright colors without being over the top. Fill a small glass or ceramic platter with a variety of colorful sugary candies and some unwrapped chocolate candies such as peanut butter cups and mini chocolate bars.  See on Instagram.

Fun way to use smaller candies

6) Movie Night Candy Board via Ain’t Too Proud Meg

The best thing about family movie night? The opportunity to eat popcorn and candy together without breaking the bank! Get the tutorial here.

Candy Charcuterie Board

8) Pink and Red Candy Board via Ain’t To Proud to Meg

A fun way to make a themed candy charcuterie board is to stick to a single color. It creates a cohesive look and it can be fun to hunt for a variety of candy in the same color! This pink candy board is a great idea for a baby shower or Valentine’s Day Party. Get the tutorial here.

Candy platter for baby shower

9) Color-Blocked Candy Board via Just Add Confetti for

Arranging a variety of hard candies, gummy candies, and lollipops by color is a great way to create visual interest easily.

Color blocked candy board

10) Gigantic Candy Board via Truly Scrumptious Designs

Go big or go home! Make the ultimate candy board by rolling out some wax paper and arranging the sweet treats directly on the counter.  This over the top charcuterie board is such a fun idea for birthday parties or sleepovers. In addition to your favorite candy selections, add sugar cookies and donuts for a giant dessert charcuterie board. Get the tutorial here.

Candy Charcuterie Board

Save these ideas to Pinterest for your next party!

Candy charcuterie boards

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