20 Thanksgiving Dinner Themes to Try This Year!

20 fun Thanksgiving dinner themes

2020 Thanksgiving Dinner and Party Themes

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? If so, I have 20 Thanksgiving dinner themes for you to try – many of which I’ve used for our own table in previous years. These fun Thanksgiving themes are easy to improvise on to make them your own. Start with items you already have on hand. You’ll be surprised what you can come up with from “shopping your home” and foraging your yard for pretty branches, leaves, and greenery. In fact, I have both a thrifted table and foraged table in my Thanksgiving dinner themes below! 

20 Fun Thanksgiving Dinner Themes and Party

1. Thankful and Blessed Thanksgiving Table

This is my latest Thanksgiving table project that I did for Oriental Trading’s Fun365.com site. In this Thanksgiving theme, gratitude is the star! I love spending time during our Thanksgiving meals reflecting on all the things we have to be grateful for. Check out these gratitude activities to incorporate into your meal.

Thankful and Blessed Thanksgiving Table Decor

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This cornhusk wreath with a “blessed” sign in the middle makes a pretty backdrop for the meal. Head to the cornhusk wreath tutorial to make your own.

Blessed wreath made from cornhusks

2. Modern Turquoise and Gold Thanksgiving Table

I love experimenting with non-traditional holiday colors. You don’t typically think of turquoise and Thanksgiving together, but the combination is magical! Head here for more photos and details. What fun color combos would you like to try this Thanksgiving? I like to incorporate metallics to tie it all together.

Turquoise and gold Thanksgiving table decor

3. All White Thanksgiving Table

An all white look can be so beautiful and elegant. Plus, this might just be the simplest Thanksgiving dinner theme of all. If you already have white dishes you are halfway there! Just add a white tablecloth and white cloth napkins and scatter a variety of white pumpkins down the center of the table. A little fresh eucalyptus adds just the right dose of green.

All White Thanksgiving Table

4. Elegant Gold Thanksgiving Table

This is a table I did a few years ago that incorporates some fun but super simple DIY projects such as this gold table runner made from doilies . The DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece is a basic vase covered with gold washi tape and filled with flowers made from napkins. If you want to get a little crafty this Thanksgiving, this is a fun one to try.

Elegant gold Thanksgiving table

5. Fruit Filled Thanksgiving Table

Another simple trick that looks like a million bucks is to fill a 3-tiered serving tray with fresh fruit and greenery. I created this centerpiece in minutes using pears, apples, oranges, white pumpkins, mums and greenery from a vine in our yard! The abundant look is similar to a cornucopia and perfect for your Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

Tiered platter with fruit on Thanksgiving table

6. Thrift Store Thanksgiving Table

If you really want to get creative this Thanksgiving, head to the thrift store! You can incorporate some one-of-a-kind accents like these birds into your Thanksgiving table. Just give them a coat of metallic spray paint to give them a modern spin. Thrifted books covered in paper with their spines painted make colorful risers. Check out these other thrift store Thanksgiving decor ideas.

Thrifted Thanksgiving Decor

7. Pumpkin Terrarium Thanksgiving Table

Create a simple and beautiful centerpiece with glass apothecary jars (or any large glass vessel) filled with pumpkins, gourds, feathers and moss. Get the details here. It takes minutes to pull together and looks so chic!

Terrarium filled with pumpkins and gourds

8. Coastal Thanksgiving Table

Live near the beach (or wish you did?), this coastal table is a fun spin on the traditional Thanksgiving. Soft blue dishes, mini starfish and driftwood are incorporated along with the traditional pumpkins.

Beach themed Thanksgiving table

9. Pumpkins and Plaid Thanksgiving Table

When it comes to fall entertaining you can never go wrong with plaid! Lay out a plaid tablecloth (or even a large piece of plaid fabric from the craft store). Incorporate mini pumpkins, acorns and Indian corn for a gorgeous look.

Pumpkins and Plaid Thanksgiving Table

10. Buffalo Plaid Farmhouse Thanksgiving

I told you that you can’t go wrong with plaid! This farmhouse-style buffalo plaid table is a different take on the plaid Thanksgiving dinner theme. It incorporates white pumpkins, cotton and woven placemats along with the bold black and white.

Buffalo Plaid Thanksgiving Table

11. Foraged Thanksgiving Table

Sometimes the best table decorations can come from your own backyard! I have been known to head outside to cut some greenery from a vine, or pick the perfect branch. See what you can find in your own backyard!

Foraged Thanksgiving Table from Martha Stewart

12. Cozy Copper Thanksgiving Table

All things copper continue to be on trend! This table incorporates copper Moscow mule mugs and copper lanterns for a warm and inviting feel.

Copper Thanksgiving Table Decor

13. Rustic Feather Thanksgiving Table

This simple and rustic table uses inexpensive items such as recycled cans painted with chalk paint and feathers dipped in gold paint. Get all the details here.

Rustic feather Thanksgiving table

14. Casual Outdoor Thanksgiving

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, why not head outdoors for your Thanksgiving meal? Being outside allows you to keep the decor simple, such as this cattail centerpiece. Find all the details here.

Casual outdoor Thanksgiving table

Don’t Forget the Kids Table Thanksgiving Dinner Themes!

15. Pumpkin Pie Themed Kids Table

I recently created this colorful pumpkin pie themed table that kids are sure to love! You can find a full list of supplies and all the details here.

Pumpkin pie themed Thanksgiving kids table

16. Thanksgiving Day Parade Kids Table

Who doesn’t have fond memories of watching the Thanksgiving Day parade growing up? Talk about a fun theme for the kids table. Get all the details here.

Thanksgiving Day parade themed kids table

17. Mayflower Themed Kids Table

This sweet kids table (designed by my friend Carrie Hill for Hobby Lobby!) includes a fun color palette and a DIY Mayflower centerpiece. I also love the use of waffle cones for mini cornucopias filled with candy!

Thanksgiving Kids Table with Mayflower Centerpiece

18. Woodland Thanksgiving Kids Table

Turn your kids table into a mini fall forest with this sweet woodland animal theme using mini trees, bear cups, and other small animal figurines. Find all the details here.

19. Gourd Turkey Thanksgiving Kids Table

Of course, making the turkey the star is always a good idea for a Thanksgiving table. For this kids table, I made gourd turkeys and even turkey balloons! Get the tutorials here.

Gourd turkey themed Thanksgiving kids table

20. Coloring Themed Thanksgiving Kids Table

Coloring is a great way to keep kids busy while the meal is being prepared and served. This pretty table theme has some fun printable placemats you can download.

Coloring themed Thanksgiving kids table

20 Thanksgiving Dinner Themes

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