Heart Doily Valentine Balloons Craft

DIY Valentine's Day Balloons with Heart Doilies

DIY Valentine’s Day Balloons

Still not sure what to get your Valentine tomorrow? I have a 15 minute DIY balloons craft that will make the sweetest surprise for your Valentine! You can use mini heart doilies to turn plain balloons into a Valentine’s Day balloon bouquet. I used heart shaped balloons, but this would work just as well with regular red or pink balloons. Who wouldn’t love to receive a bunch of these on Valentine’s Day? They would also make for simple and sweet Valentine party decorations. Want more ways to use heart doilies? Check out my top 10 heart doily craft ideas!

Add heart doilies to balloons for a fun Valentine's Day balloons craft!

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Supplies for Heart Doily Valentine Balloons Craft

How to Make Heart Doily Valentine Balloons

Step 1. Inflate the heart balloons with a helium tank (or have your local party store inflate them). Tie to a balloon weight with curling ribbon.

How to make Valentine's Day heart doily balloons!

Step 2. Add mini heart doilies to the curling ribbon with a small piece of clear tape. Add about four doilies to each balloon string and you’re done! The doilies are lightweight enough that they won’t weigh down the balloon.

How to make Valentine's Day heart doily balloons!

Stella was kind enough to be my balloon holder for these photos! She is also modeling my pom-pom heart sweatshirt. 😉

Add heart doilies to balloons to make the prettiest Valentine balloon bouquet!

Who wouldn’t love a bunch of these on Valentine’s Day? So much less expensive than a bouquet of flowers, and more special too!

Add heart doilies to balloons to make the prettiest Valentine balloon bouquet!

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  1. Tried this, but the doilies were too heavy and even just a single doily attached to the string of a helium-filled balloon pulled the balloon to the ground. Huge disappointment as this was a special project for my daughter’s teacher, and all the students had written “what I love about my teacher” on doilies. Epic fail.
    How do you make this work?

    1. Hi Dee Dee, I am so bummed this didn’t work for you!! Your idea sounds so sweet. Did you use 12″ helium grade balloons and fill them completely with helium? If you use a smaller balloon like a 9″, it can’t hold as much weight. Also, I just used 2-3 mini doilies per balloon. My paper doilies were thin (dollar store quality). If you used heavier paper ones that could have made a difference. I wish I knew why it didn’t work – I’m sorry! One alternative would be to use air filled balloons and attach them to balloon sticks like these: https://amzn.to/38BdjjH. You could tape a couple doilies to each balloon stick. Best of luck and thank you for trying my idea.

      1. Thanks for your reply — is there a specific heart-shaped balloon that you would recommend? Your link above is for 10 inch balloons. I would love to give this another try. I think the issue was that I did use smaller balloons. Thank you for the help!

        1. I wish I knew the exact ones I used! I would give these 12 inch balloons a try: https://amzn.to/384IZ20. Just know that with any helium balloon craft, they will only stay afloat for around 6 hours before they start to sink. That is just the fleeting nature of helium! Mylar balloons (like the printed ones you get at the party store) hold helium longer than latex balloons. Sometimes several days, but I have not tried this craft with them. Best of luck!

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