16 POPular Summer Party Balloon Ideas!

June 03, 2016 | FILED UNDER: Balloons, Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to party! But what’s a party without balloons? We’ve rounded up 16 balloon crafts perfect for summer birthdays, ice cream socials, pool parties, and just because. From transforming them into popsicles, to flamingos, to butterflies – there is no limit what you can do with balloons this summer. Check out these summer party balloons that will really POP!


1. Ice Cream Cone Balloons via Oh Happy Day!
Ice cream cone balloons!
2. Neon Party Balloons via Design Improvised
String balloons with colorful foam balls!
3. Fruit Slice Balloons via  Studio DIY
Fruit slice balloons!
4. Pom Pom Balloons a Design Improvised
Pom pom balloons!
5. Puff Tail Balloons via A Typical Type A
Decorate balloon strings with pompoms!
6. Tie Dye Flower Balloons via Balloon Time

DIY flower balloons

7. Confetti Balloons via I Spy DIY

Confetti balloons!
DIY palm frond balloons
9. Butterfly Balloons via Design Improvised

Butterfly balloons!

10. Popsicle Balloons via Studio DIY
Popsicle balloons!
11. Flamingo Balloons via Decopeques


Flamingo balloons!
12. Faux Flower Balloons via Design Improvised


DIY Flower Balloons!
13. Summer Cupcake Wrapper Balloons via Design Improvised


Decorate balloons with cupcake wrappers!
14. Painted Polka Dot Balloons via Subtle Revelry


Painted polka dot balloons
15. Graphic Painted Party Balloons A Subtle Revelry


Modern painted balloons
16. Piñata Balloons via Design Improvised


DIY pinata balloons!



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