Easter Kids Craft: Baby Chick Headbands!

March 02, 2016 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Easter
Make these DIY kids Easter headbands in under 5 minutes!
When you discover craft supplies as cute as these mini baby chicks you can’t help but find as many ways to craft with them as possible! I had a few chicks leftover from my DIY Easter terrariums, so I combined a few with pom-poms to make these Easter headbands for my girls!

These mini chicks are less than an inch big and their small size makes them too cute!

The cutest kids Easter headbands made from baby chicks and pom poms!

I took a couple of Stella and Hazel’s plain headbands and hot glued on a few chicks and pastel pom-poms. The entire craft took less than five minutes – my kind of project!

This baby chick headband is such a fun kids Easter craft!

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Supplies for DIY Kids Easter Headbands

Supplies for DIY baby chick Easter headbands

How to Make Kids Easter Headbands

1. It couldn’t be easier! Just start in the middle of the headband by adding a chick with a small dab of hot glue at its feet. Then work your way out from there. I added three chicks, separating each of them with two pom-poms.

How to make baby chick and pom-pom headbands

Have fun making different color combinations – you can’t go wrong with these guys!

Baby chick and pom-pom headbands - such a cute Easter kids craft idea!

Stella and Hazel think they are the coolest – oh to be a kid again!

Little kids will love these baby chick headbands for Easter - the perfect accessory for an Easter party or egg hunt!


These baby chick headbands are the perfect craft for an Easter party or egg hunt!
These DIY baby chick headbands are the perfect kids craft for an Easter party or egg hunt!

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