A Creepy Crawly Pumpkin Decorating Idea

October 20, 2015 | FILED UNDER: Halloween
Spooky snake and mice pumpkin decorating idea!
When it comes to Halloween decor I tend to go for cute over creepy crawly. However, when my friend Cat asked if I would decorate a spooky pumpkin for her company’s charity auction, I accepted the challenge! Introducing my spooky (yet chic!) snake and mice pumpkin!
Spooky snake and mice pumpkin decorating idea!
The previously white rubber mice are now gold and glittery. They are crawling all over the pumpkin and into and out of some of the holes (which were created with an apple corer!).
Mice pumpkin
The black snakes add a nice contrast to the gold and silver and another dose of ickiness.
metallic silver and gold pumpkin

I’m hoping the metallics give it just enough classiness to display on your mantel. 😉 Add a flameless candle and it gives a nice little glow through the holes at night!

metallic silver and gold pumpkin
Read on to see how you can transform a basic craft pumpkin into a creepy crawly one!

Supplies for Snake and Mice Pumpkin


pumpkin carving idea


How to Make Snake and Mice Pumpkin

1. Use your apple corer to poke holes randomly around the pumpkin. If you plan to put an LED candle in the pumpkin, use a knife to cut a circle around the stem.

Use an apple corer to make holes in craft pumpkins!

2. Cover the entire outside of your pumpkin with silver craft paint. Mine required a good 3 coats for even coverage. You could also use silver spray paint, which could be quicker. I just used craft paint because I had it on hand!

Metallic silver craft pumpkin

3. My mice were white to begin with so I painted them gold and and added a coat of gold glitter paint on top. My snakes were already black, so I just added a layer of silver glitter paint to make them sparkle.

metallic gold mice

4. Use a strong craft glue like E6000 to position the mice and snakes around the pumpkin. I had some of my mice and snakes coming in and out of the holes for a fun effect.

Spooky snake and mice pumpkin decorating idea!

Fill with a flameless candle (don’t use real candles in craft pumpkins – they are flammable!).

Spooky snake and mice pumpkin decorating idea!

You’ve got yourself a creepy, crawly, yet chic pumpkin that you can use year after year! The auction I created this for is on Thursday and the proceeds benefit an organization that provides stuffed animals to women’s shelters and children’s hospitals. I hope it sells for a high price!

Spooky snake and mice pumpkin decorating idea!

P.S. The pretty party fans and garland in the background are from My Mind’s Eye. The spider webs are Martha Stewart Crafts!

Spooky snake and mice pumpkin decorating idea!


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