DIY Piñata Wreath

DIY Piñata Wreath

This DIY pinata wreath is the perfect festive addition to your summer fiesta! It uses inexpensive party streamers in a variety of colors and a styrofoam wreath base.

How to make a pinata wreath
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I’ve always wanted to make my own piñata but have been intimated by the work and time involved. This wreath was 10 times easier to make but still let me play with my handy fringe scissors. Do you own a pair of these guys? If not you must add a pair to your crafting wish list. Only $8 and Prime shipping on Amazon right now!

Supplies for Piñata Wreath


How to Make a Piñata Wreath

1. Cut streamers into strips

Cut streamers into strips long enough to wrap around the wreath form. Make several strips in each color you plan to use.

2. Fringe strips

Use a pair of fringe scissors to fringe the edge of the streamer. Create about a one inch fringe.

3. Glue strips to wreath

Wrap the fringed streamers around the wreath and secure in place with a dab of hot glue. Continue around the wreath slightly overlapping as you go.

4. Hang your wreath

Hang your wreath with a fun ribbon (I like using pom-pom trim!)

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