The Easiest DIY Christmas Bow Wreath

Wreath made from Christmas bows

The holiday ideas keep coming on Design Improvised this week! This DIY Christmas Bow Wreath is a bow wreath that takes only 30 minutes and $15 or so to make. Talk about my kind of project – little money and time invested for big impact. A quick project deserves a quick post – there is not too much to this tutorial!

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Supplies for Bow Wreath

  • Wreath form (I used a 14″ straw wreath. You could also use a styrofoam wreath)
  • Lots of cheap bows (I used 3 packages of 30 bows at $2.50 each (90 bows total) for my 14″ wreath. Dollar Tree is a great place to get present bows for only $1 a package!)
  • Hot glue

I particularly liked these bows because they were a little different than the traditional shiny metallic bows. The matte finish and range of colors and bow styles in the package caught my eye. I think the key to making this wreath not look too uniform is to use a variety of colors, styles and sizes of bows.

How to stick bows onto a straw wreath form

How to Make a Bow Wreath

It is so simple, there are hardly any steps to lay out. All you do is peel the backing off the bow and stick to the wreath form. You can add a little dab of hot glue for extra hold. I actually kept the plastic wrap on my wreath form, thinking the bows would stick better to it than the straw. You could just peel off the backing and stick the bows straight on the wreath, but I would recommend adding a dab of hot glue to ensure they stay in place.

How to vary the colors and styles of bows on the wreath form

Keep going until you’ve covered the entire wreath form, making sure to cover the sides of the wreath as well.

How to add hot glue to the back of the bows to make them extra secure

And that’s it! If you don’t have a wreath on your door yet, this one is for you! It really only took about 30 minutes to make – a great project to do while catching up on your favorite show. 😉

DIY Christmas Bow Wreath

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Wreath made from Christmas bows
Yield: 1


Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Estimated Cost: $15

You can make this simple DIY Christmas Bow wreath in under 30 minutes and under $15.


  1. Choose a variety of bow colors and sizes. I particularly love the look of matte bows if you can find them!
  2. Leave the clear plastic wrap on the straw wreath form. Peel the backing off the bow and add a dab of hot glue to give it extra hold. Stick it onto the wreath.
  3. Work your way around the wreath, covering the tops and sides with bows and overlapping slightly to give the wreath a full look.
  4. Hang your wreath with a ribbon and enjoy!


A 14" styrofoam wreath form would work great for this too! Look for matte (vs. shiny) gift bows to achieve a similar look as mine (I found mine at the craft store. They are hard to find online!)

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  3. This is such a fabulous idea and much more cost effective than wreaths I have done in the past! Can you tell us more about using the ribbon to hang? Do you have tips on how to do this without crushing the bows and making it strong enough?

    1. Thanks Samantha! I just ran a thin satin ribbon behind the bows, you can slip it right behind them without crushing them. I then use masking tape to tape the ribbon to the top of a door. The wreath is light enough that it will stay.

  4. You are a literal genius! This wreath is absolutely gorgeous, and I love that it only takes half an hour and some ingenuity to come up with something so, so pretty. Thank you for sharing this great idea 🙂

  5. Looks great! How is it holding up? I’m worried I’ll have to stick them all back on every time I pull it out of storage. Thanks!

    1. If you add a little hot glue to the back of the bow before sticking it on the wreath it will hold up longer!

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