15 Super Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

unique charcuterie boards

Looking for unique charcuterie board ideas? You’ve come to the right place! These 15 ideas take the classic charcuterie board to the next level. With a little creativity, almost anything can be made into a show-stopping charcuterie board!

For your next gathering, forget the cheese board and try one of these ideas instead.

15 Super Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

1) Seacuterie Board via Real and Simple

The ultimate charcuterie platter for a beach vacation! Fill it with oysters, shrimp, cocktail sauce, and more sea-worthy bites. Get the tutorial here.

personal favorite seafood charcuterie board

2) Taco Charcuterie Board via Taste of Home

A taco board is an easy way to display toppings and make them look extra special. Arrange taco toppings is a large rimmed cookie sheet along with small bowls filled with meats, guacamole, and sour cream. Get the tutorial.

taco charcuterie board

3) Burger Board via Gimme Some Grilling

Make assembling a burger a memorable experience with a burger board! Fill a large round wood tray with grilled hamburgers, buns, and all the toppings. Some fresh fries make it complete! Get the tutorial.

Burger board

4) Letter Charcuterie Board Boxes via Modern Munchies 

Customize your own board by using large paper mache letters (cut off the top to reveal the hollow inside). Spell out a name, birthday year, or other seasonal saying. Be sure to include something savory such as a variety of cheeses and meats, and something to satisfy your sweet tooth! Get all the ingredients and flowers from the grocery store to keep it simple! See on Instagram.

Unique Charcuterie box

5) Smoked Salmon Charcuterie Board via Kosher Everyday

Here is the perfect charcuterie board for a special brunch. Start with a fish-shaped board and add smoked salmon, soft cheeses, and fresh vegetables sliced and arranged to look like scales.  See tutorial here.

fresh vegetables charcuterie board

6) Barkcuterie: How To Make a Charcuterie for Dogs via Taste of Home

Having a doggy playdate? Fill a wooden board with dog-safe treats. You may want to serve up a portion to your pet, rather than letting them choose their own! Get the tutorial here.

perfect board for dogs

7) Edible Flowers Cashew Cheese Charcuterie Board via That Cheese Plate

This beautiful board would be pretty for Mother’s Day. Press edible flowers into a store bought cheese ball to instantly elevate it.  Get the tutorial here.

no meat products charcuterie board

8) The Best Vegan Charcuterie Board via Family Focus Blog

The perfect board for healthy vegan nibbles. This colorful board includes a variety of veggies, crackers, and savory dips Get the tutorial here.

Fresh vegetables charcucterie board

9) Prosciutto E Melone Charcuterie Board via Fest and Floral

This prosciutto and melon board is an easy board to prep but will look like a million bucks for your next dinner party! Just top with some fresh flowers, sprigs of rosemary, and pomegranate seeds to take it to the next level. See on Instagram.

beautiful board

10) Appetizer Charcuterie Cone via Charcuterie And Treats by Ally

Here is a fun way to take traditional charcuterie board items like cured meats and olives  but display them in a unique way – in a cone! See on Instagram.

charcuterie appetizer for your next party

11) Oh Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board via Carving and Craving

Try something new this holiday season by taking the classic board vertical! Create a Christmas tree charcuterie by adding cured meats and cubes of hard cheeses to a foam cone with toothpicks. See on instagram.

Christmas charcuterie board

12) Eat the Rainbow Snack Board via the Baker Mama

Have a hard time getting your kids to eat their veggies? This rainbow themed board may spark their taste buds! Arranging fresh fruits and vegetables by color along with some yummy dips like hummus and peanut butter makes them extra appetizing. See tutorial here.

Rainbow charcuterie board

13) Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board via New Horizon Academy

Sometimes the best charcuterie board ideas are the simplest! This is a great way to serve charcuterie to kids. You could customize it in lots of different ways such as a breakfast charcuterie board or a family movie night snack board – fill it with sweet treats and salty snacks to eat on the couch. Get the tutorial here.

the easiest thing kids charcuterie board

14) Edible Flowers Guide Charcuterie Board via That Cheese Plate

This social media worthy board is made of only edible flowers! This would be a great addition to a baby shower or other special occasion. The flowers could be used to top off a cocktail, salad. or dessert. Get tutorial here.


15) Tandoori Butter Board via Naturally Nidhi

Butter boards are the latest and greatest incarnation of the charcuterie board – from using butter, to cream cheese, to buttercream – the options are endless for smearing on a board and covering with toppings. This tandoori butter board looks delicious!  Get the tutorial.

tandoori butter board

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best charcuterie board ideas

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