20 AMAZING Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas

Super Bowl Charcuterie Boards

These delicious football charcuterie boards filled with your favorite snacks and grocery store items are a great way to feed a crowd while cheering on your favorite football team at the Super Bowl, or during any football games with friends!

Football charcuterie boards

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Top 20 Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas

1) DIY: Super Ball Weekend Charcuterie Board via Smack Of Flavor

This is the best board if you have limited time but still want to make something to wow your guests! Start with a circular tray and arrange two rows of pre-cubed colby jack cheese into a goal post shape. Make the base of the goal post with white cheddar cheese slices. From there, just fill in the empty spaces on the board with whatever meats, nuts, and crackers you like! Get the tutorial here.

Charcuterie Board Football season

2) Fun Idea: Ham Sliders Game Day Charcuterie Board via Reluctant Entertainer

This large board can feed a big crowd. Ham Sliders add some substance to the circular platter along with your favorite appetizers. Incorporate veggies, fruit, and bowls with hummus and sour cream dip to create the perfect charcuterie board. Get the tutorial here.

Sliders board for the big game

3) A Fun Way to Make Super Bowl Party Appetizer Tray via The Cozy Food Feed

Make a cheese ball in the shape of a football shape for an instant Super Bowl charcuterie board! Surround the football with your favorite crudities, nuts, cheeses, guacamole and a dipping sauce. See on Instagram.

Super Bowl Weekend charcuterie board

4) Favorite Thing: Game Day Tailgate Charcuterie Board via Big Family Blessings

The best part of this board? You won’t have to make anything else for your guests! This board is jam-packed with traditional Super Bowl appetizers such as chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, soft pretzels, veggies and your favorite party dips. Get the tutorial here.

Gameday Charcuterie Board

5) Favorite Game Day Foods: Hot Dog Charcuterie Board via The Baker Mama

Take hot dogs to the next level by incorporating them into a game day board along with small containers of your favorite hot dog toppings, tortilla chips, and fresh veggies and fruit! Get the tutorial here.

hot dog charcuterie board

6) How to Make a DIY Burger Charcuterie Board for Super Bowl via The Juggling Act Mama

Prefer burgers over hot dogs? Make a burger board instead, or even better make both! I love these fun ideas for displaying traditional burgers and toppings in a beautiful way, without requiring much additional work on your part. Get the tutorial here.

Burger board Super bowl sunday

7) Easy Football Charcuterie Board for Game Day via Living Locurto

Ordering pizzas for your Super Bowl Party? Arrange one on a charcuterie board with a football-shaped cheese ball, fresh veggies, and your favorite dip for a major wow factor! Much better than just placing a pizza box on the counter. Get the tutorial here.

perfect way to make a super bowl snack board

8) Chicken Wings Super Bowl Snack Board via The Baker Mama

What’s a Super Bowl party without wings? I love this clever idea of transforming platters of wings into footballs by drizzling ranch dip on top to create football stitches. Get the tutorial here.

Chicken wing charcuterie board shape of football

9) Football Nacho Board via The Baker Mama

Nachos transformed into a football? Genius! Just create stitches with sour cream and surround the nacho with green toppings such as jalapeños, cilantro, and guac that guests can use to top their own nachos. Get the tutorial here.

Sunday Football Nacho Charcuterie Board

10) Football Theme Snack Board for Game Day via Home Is Where The Boat Is

Arrange all your favorite salty snacks on a board in a football shape. A template cut from wax paper and placed on the bottom of the tray can help create the shape. Surround the football with green snacks such as wasabi peas, pistachios and green candies. Get the tutorial here.

Huge Hit Football Appetizer Tray

11) Super Bowl Watch Party Cheese Board via Cheese Please Nova

Make a classy cheese board for your Super Bowl party with your favorite hard and soft cheeses, and salami rolled up and arranged in a football shape with cheese cut to look like football laces. See on Instagram.

Game Day Charcuterie Board

12) The Ultimate Game Day Snack Board via The Two Bite Club

Fill a board with plenty of delicious finger foods including pretzels, chicken nuggets, tortilla chips and dips for the perfect addition to your Super Bowl party spread. Get the tutorial here.

Snack Board

13) Football Tailgate Charcuterie Board via The Windy City Dinner

Incorporating little accessories like mini footballs and flags is a super simple way to dress up a basic charcuterie board. Pair with fun football themed napkins and plates. Get the tutorial here.

tailgate football season

14) An Easy Way To Make Your Own Super Bowl Snack Board via Growing Up Bilingual

Staying home for the Super Bowl? You can still make a special party for two with this simple idea! Fill up the board to enjoy together in front of the TV and skip dinner. Get the tutorial here.

Great Way to DIY your Snack board

15) Kids Game Day Charcuterie Board via Betty Crocker

Make sure the kids have something special for your Super Bowl party with this sweet treat filled board. Incorporate kid-friendly football decor. Get the tutorial here.

Kids Game Day Charcuterie Board

16) Game Day Low Carb Charcuterie Board via Low Carb Inspirations

You can make healthy boards for your Super Bowl party too! Skip the fried foods and chips with this low-carb snack board. Get the tutorial here.

Game day Low Carb Charcuterie board

17) DIY Super Bowl Charcuterie Board via Grazeful Boards

I love the idea of using mini cookie cutters to cut letters from cheese. Add in some mini footballs into your board for an instant crowd pleaser. See on Instagram.

DIY Super Bowl Board

18) Sunday Night Football Dessert Charcuterie Board Idea via Jen Nicholl

A Super Bowl charcuterie board doesn’t have to just include fried foods and chips. How about football shaped sweet treats instead? See on Pinterest.

Sweet treats superbowl charcuterie platter

19) Big Game Day Charcuterie Board With Fresh Fruit via Charcuterie y Más 

Isn’t this colorful board so colorful and healthy looking? Use letter cookie cutters and cheese to spell out Super Bowl on top of salami roses. See on Instagram.

fresh fruit charcuterie board

20) Football Dessert Board for Game Day via Ain’t to Proud to Meg

A chocolate cream cheese dessert football? Count me in! This Super Bowl dessert board is the perfect thing to surprise your guests with after halftime. Get the tutorial here.

Super bowl Dessert charcuterie board

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Supplies

  1. Round wood charcuterie board
  2. Football shaped serving trays
  3. Letter cookie cutters for cheese
  4. Wood dip bowls
  5. Football party decor
  6. Football field tablecloth

 Football charcuterie board supplies

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