Make the Cutest Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments!

Mini wreath Christmas ornaments made from mason jar rings

How to Make Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

These mason jar lid wreath ornaments are my final Christmas project of the year! We made these for my recent event at Pottery Barn and they turned out so cute. I love them because you can improvise using whatever craft supplies you have on hand to transform a metal ring into a sweet little wreath ornament for your tree. 

Mini wreath ornament with mason jar ring

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These bendable faux Canadian pine stems I found at Hobby Lobby are perfect for this craft. They are just the right length to wrap around the ring. I also love the candy cane look of twisted chenille stems. There is no wrong way to make these wreaths – have fun with it!

Ball jar lid wreath ornament

I bet you have some spare rings from the tops of mason jar lids (also called Ball jars) at home. If not, you can actually just buy the rings (rather than the entire jar!) for these wreath ornaments.

Supplies for Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments

Supplies for mason jar ring ornaments

How to Make Mason Jar Wreath Ornaments

Step 1: Wrap with faux pine stems

To make a wreath with the Canadian pine stems, start by adhering the end to the top of a mason jar ring with a dab of hot glue and then wrap around the top, adding a little hot glue as you go to hold in place.

How to make a wreath from a mason jar ring

Step 2: Trim excess

Trim the excess stem with a wire cutter or strong scissors.

How to make a wreath from a Ball jar ring

Step 3: Cover side of Mason jar ring

Add a second pine stem to the side of the ring to cover it.

How to make an ornament from a mason jar lid

Step 4: Add decorations

Decorate the top with whatever little embellishments you like. I chose mini gold stars and jingle bells for this one.

Adding stars to a mini wreath ornament

Step 5: Hang with twine

Create a hanger for your wreath using baker’s twine or rickrack.

Making a hanger for a mini wreath ornament

Here are some of the different variations I made. This is a fun craft to make with a group, because everyone can put their own spin on their ornaments. I loved seeing how different each of the ornaments turned out during our Pottery Barn event.

DIY Mason Jar Christmas Ornaments

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  1. Great crafts, thank you. I have 5 great granddaughters in the same family that love to do crafts so I’m always looking for new things for them to do.

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