How to Decorate Balloons with Feathers

DIY feather decorated balloons craft

How to Decorate Balloons with Feathers

Oh man guys, I love these DIY feather balloons! They combine two of my favorite things into one – a balloon DIY and a craft challenge! For January’s Craftabulous Supply of the Month challenge, we were tasked with creating something with these colorful feathers from Oriental Trading.

Decorate plain balloon strings with feathers - so pretty!

How to Make DIY Feather Balloons

These pretty feathers are truly as light as air. Therefore they are perfect decorating balloons without having them sink! I used them to decorate the balloon strings, and the effect is so pretty. Check them out! The pack of feathers comes in a variety of bold colors, and I had fun pairing different color combinations of the feathers with the balloons.

These feather decorated balloons are so gorgeous - and so easy to make!

Just a small dab of hot glue at the tip of the feather is all you need. They would make such pretty decor for a birthday or shower, don’t you think? Because the feathers are so lightweight, the helium balloons stayed afloat for over 8 hours, which is a lot for helium balloons! However, you can also do this idea just as easily with balloon sticks. Be sure to check out my DIY balloon decorating tips and tricks for more ideas.

These feather decorated balloons are so gorgeous - and so easy to make!

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Head to Oriental Trading’s for the step-by-step feather balloon tutorial. This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading.

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