DIY Toilet Paper Storage Using a Glass Vase

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DIY Toilet Paper Storage

I’m back with another fun DIY toilet paper storage for you in partnership with Cottonelle! In my last post, I made a pom-pom fringe basket to store our supply of bath tissue in the linen closet. Today, I’ve got an idea to help you keep a couple extra rolls always within reach. I turned a glass cylinder vase into a pretty copper decorated storage piece. Consider it a classy upgrade to stashing an extra roll on top of the toilet!

Transform an old vase into chic toilet paper storage!

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The glass cylinder fits three Cottonelle Mega Rolls perfectly (each of them is 4 rolls in one!), and is narrow enough to fit easily on the side of the toilet. I added copper foil tape (typically used for electrical work, you can find it here on Amazon) to give it a little metallic bling. Who says bathroom storage has to be boring?!

Transform an old vase into chic toilet paper storage!


I love when a storage piece can be both super functional and super cute. I think this bath tissue holder fits the bill, don’t you?

This DIY toilet paper storage would be a great way to repurpose a glass vase you already have on hand. Or you can frequently find these at thrift stores like the Goodwill. I found mine in the floral department of Hobby Lobby on sale for $12 (always be sure to use your coupon or wait for a sale!)

Transform an old vase into chic toilet paper storage!

Supplies for DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Transform an old vase into chic toilet paper storage!

How to Make a DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Step 1: Plant out design

To determine where to start my copper tape, I measured from the top of the vase and then ran a piece of paper around the vase to help me create a straight line, making sure it was the same distance from the top all the way around.

I then used the paper as a guide and ran a piece of thin masking tape above its top of edge before removing the paper. This method just helped me create a straight line around the vase. I found that if I just went straight to wrapping around the tape, it got crooked easily!

Decorate a vase with copper foil tape!

Step 2: Make a pattern with copper foil tape

You can see the orange tape line below. I used that as a guide to line up my copper tape pieces. I cut similar lengths of copper tape and adhered them in a zigzag pattern below the tape line, smoothing down with my finger nail as I went along.

Decorate a vase with copper foil tape!

Step 3: Add a tape border

I finished off the design by removing the orange masking tape and covering the raw ends of the zig zag tape pattern by wrapping a single piece of copper tape around the top and bottom of the pattern.

Decorate a vase with copper foil tape!

Step 4: Repeat design on the bottom

I repeated the same design on the bottom of the vase to complete it! You could make any design you want with the copper tape. This is just one idea!

Decorate a vase with copper foil tape!

If you have an extra glass vase gathering dust in a cabinet somewhere, pull it out and give it a new life as some creative bathroom storage!

Glass cylinder vase decorated with copper tape to hold toilet paper

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  1. I love this idea!! It could even be used to recycle smaller jars with lids for pony tail holders or Q tips on the bathroom counter. I have glass jars all over as they don’t recycle them here, but I craft with them because I can! I do love the blingy way you did this!! Happy Crafting 🙂

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