Make First Day of School Balloons

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DIY First Day of School Balloons

Celebrate the start of a new school year with these DIY Back to School Balloons! In two short weeks we’re headed back to school. We’ve got a preschooler and kindergartener in this house and they couldn’t be more excited for a new year. What better way to celebrate their first day of school than with a special balloon? These make for fun first day of school photo props!

These balloons come together really quickly thanks to some colorful stickers. Rather than blowing these up with helium, I added a balloon stick to an air-blown balloon. By skipping the helium you can make them the night before and aren’t rushing to put a balloon together on the hectic first day of school. Of course, kindergarten has to be the longest word ever to get on a balloon. 😉 Something like 1st Grade will be a lot easier!

Once your kiddos are all dressed up in their first day of school outfits and backpacks, take them out on the front porch and snap a special pic!

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Supplies for Back to School Balloons

How to Make First Day of School Balloons

Step 1: Add stickers

Inflate the balloon with air and then start adding stickers to spell out the grade / year. If one is crooked you can carefully peel it off and reposition without popping the balloon!

Step 2: Decorate balloon sticks

Add little tape flags to the balloon stick by wrapping a piece of tape around the stick, sticking in onto itself, and cutting a little notch on the end to make a flag shape.

Now for the trickiest part of all – trying to get your kids to stay still enough for a photo!! 🙂

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  2. You are having the kiddos leave the sticks at home? I can see pirate fights breaking out on the bus. Perhaps hand the balloon to the teacher to tape above the classroom door, as students can get lost going from lunch to classroom?

    1. Good thinking! Yes, we leave the balloons (and sticks!) at home. In fact, our school doesn’t allow balloons at all because of latex allergies. I found that out when I sent my daughter to school with balloons for her teacher on her birthday – oops! 😉

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