Summer Picnic Ideas for Kids

June 01, 2015 | FILED UNDER: Fun Activities, Summer

Today I’ve partnered with my friends at Munchkin to share one of my favorite summer activities with Stella and Hazel – a picnic! At least once a week, we like to pack a lunch to take to the park, the pool, or the library. It’s a great excuse to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. The girls seem more willing to head outside if there is food involved. 😉

For our latest picnic, the girls loaded up their bikes with Munchkin’s Click Lock Bento Boxes and Miracle 360°Cups and headed to our neighborhood park for some fun with their friend Sebastian.

These Munchkin Bento Boxes are our favorite for picnics. Not only are they portable, and fit perfectly in a bike basket, their separate compartments for a sandwich, fruits, and vegetables make them a much more exciting alternative to sandwich bags. The girls love having their own bento box and I’ve found are more likely to eat their veggies and fruit if they help fill it up.

I also find the more colorful the food, the better! I like to come up with fun combinations like these tortellini, tomato and mozzarella skewers, orange and yellow peppers, and mixed berries.
These Miracle® 360°Cups are an awesome big-kid alternative to sippy cups. They function more like a normal drinking cup but are completely spill-proof. I could use a cabinet full of these!
Today we brought along some special ingredients for the kiddos to make their own candy necklaces. They had so much fun making these – read on to see what we did!

Stella and Hazel love candy necklaces, so I tried to come up with a version they could make themselves. I filled up this snack dispenser with a combination of Fruit Loops, alphabet pretzels, and gummy Life Savers. Any cereal or candy with a hole in the middle will work. If you’re looking for a simple kids activity at a party or play date, this is a fun one!

I just tied a knot on the end of some nylon cord and let the kids string on the treats however they wanted.

It was fun seeing how they each took completely different approaches to their necklaces. 

Sebastian was a big fan of the gummies – they went fast!

Hazel filled hers to the brim, and this managed to be consumed in a matter of minutes after the photo was taken. 😉

I am looking forward to many more picnic lunches at the park this summer!

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Photos by Candice Stringham.

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