Back to School Balloons

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Back to School Balloons

Ready or not, it’s back to school season! This momentous occasion is worthy of its own set of celebratory balloons don’t you think? Introducing my back to school balloons!

Neon Sticker Balloons

Since stores are filled to the brim with school supplies at this time of year, I decided to use a few for them to create these balloons bursting with color (they’re dotted in neon office supply labels)!

DIY Neon Sticker Balloons!

Why not surprise your teacher on the first day with a bunch of these? Since they are peel and stick you can make several of them in a matter of minutes and they are the perfect project for kids to help with!

Supplies for Back to School Balloons

DIY Neon Sticker Balloons

How to Make Back to School Balloons

Step 1: Inflate balloons with helium

Inflate your balloons with helium. I like to inflate mine at home using a Balloon Time tank, but you can also have your local party store inflate them. If you want to make the balloons last several days, be sure to use Hi-Float spray in each balloon, otherwise the balloons should stay afloat 6-8 hours.

DIY Neon Sticker Balloons!

Step 2. Add stickers

Tie off each of your balloons with a long piece of yarn. Once you’ve blown up your balloons, tie them down to a weight and start sticking on the labels! Add as many as you want, sprinkled randomly around the balloon. For the small dots, I concentrated more towards the bottom of the balloon and then had them fade to fewer dots at the top.

DIY Neon Sticker Balloons!

Of course, these balloons don’t have to be limited to back to school – they would look great in any brightly colored party. The large rectangle labels remind me of giant sprinkles, while the tiny dots look like little confetti. These polka dot ones would make for a sweet baby shower balloon!

DIY Neon Sticker Balloons!

Stella and Hazel start back at preschool this week and we may just have to bring in a few of these to celebrate their first day!

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