How to Organize Kids Bedroom Closets

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Yesterday, it seemed like everywhere I looked in our house there was a big mess. A typical occurrence with two preschoolers running rampant, but exacerbated by the fact that we are still in the midst of settling in to our new home. But then I stepped into the girls closet and felt better. At least there was one space in the house that was organized!


I made it a point to get their closet organized first in hopes that if it started out organized, there was a chance it would stay that way! It helped that the closet offered plenty of space and several built-in shelves which eliminated the need for a dresser in their room.


Here are some closet design tricks I’ve incorporated into the girls’ closet that have been working so far:

1. Work shelves into your closet –  Having a few shelves in a closet can make a big difference. If you don’t have any built-ins, a bookcase or a dresser with deep shelves would work just as well if you can squeeze one in. That’s why closet organizers like those from California Closets make such a difference. A closet with a shelves and hangers offers the perfect mix.

2. Separate clothes by type and child (if a shared closet) – I gave Stella and Hazel their own shelf for their foldable clothes (pjs and pants) and their own bar to hang their shirts and dresses on. Hazel got the bottom shelf / bar so she could reach her own clothes easily. She gets to feel like a big girl by picking out her own clothes, but then half of her clothes typically end up on the floor – so there are definitely some pros and cons with making their clothes accessible!


3. Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes – I use a shoe organizer to contain all the girls’ swimsuits, underwear, socks, etc. Shoe organizers are a great inexpensive addition to a closet and can hold a lot of stuff. This one has mesh pockets on the sides that I use to store the girls’ headbands, sunglasses, and other little odds and ends. Each girl gets a different shelf here too to help them be able to grab their own clothes when getting dressed:


4. Make a bedtime routine basket – we give the girls a bath and then head to their room to get their pjs on and dry their hair. I have a little basket with their lotion, hair dryer, brush, etc. that I pull out of the closet for our bedtime routine.


5. Baskets are great for out-of-season clothes – I use a set of 5 big baskets on the upper shelves with all their fall / winter clothes. I figured now that we’re down in San Antonio these will remain stored away for most of the year.


6. Labels are always helpful too – I added some fun Martha Stewart chalkboard labels to my bins:

7. Take advantage of closet ‘dead space’ – I used a blank wall to hang up the girls’ barrette holder and some hooks for their jewelry. The barrette holder is actually a repurposed ribbon photo board:



8. Use the same hangers for an instant upgrade – if you don’t do anything else in your closet, do this! Replace any wire hangers with nicer plastic ones. The girls have a mix of pink and white hangers. However using the same hanger throughout instantly makes your closet more organized.


Next to tackle – the master bedroom closet which is currently a hot mess! Eventually we’d like to get some closet organizers in there, but for now I hope to employ some of these same tips – and I want to hear yours!

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