Lisa’s Sunny Living Room: Mood Board

I finished another living room design project a few weeks back that I wanted to share with you!


My client Lisa bought her single family home two years ago.  It is a two-story bungalow style with lots of character.  Because of Lisa’s busy work and travel schedule she hasn’t had an opportunity to do much decorating in her place.  However, she has an eye for furniture and already has a number of unique pieces in her home, many antique.  Much of her furniture is neutral color / wood tones, serving as an easy canvas to build on for the design.  She wanted to start with decorating her front living room and then potentially move to decorating her dining room and sunroom / TV room.

Wish List:

  • Start with adding some art to the walls and a rug on the floor 
  • Reupholster her matching slipper chairs (a great flea market find), or find affordable replacements
  • Have a comfortable space to be able to put her feet up to read and look out her big sunny window
  • Add a small desk so she can do work on her laptop in the room

The Room:

Color Palette:

I turned again to my good friend Better Homes and Gardens for color palette options.  Lisa chose this soothing, feminine palette of soft lilac and grey (in her case, we used the color from the tan couch), with pops of violet, raspberry and chartreuse.
Purple and Grey color palette
Better Homes and Gardens, March 2012

Mood Board:

Because Lisa’s living room is so nice and sunny, I wanted to bring a bit of the outdoors in with come natural elements like the fiddle head fig plant, sea grass rug, and vintage botanical prints.    The large wall behind the couch called for a sizable piece of art so I chose to group four of the 11×14 botanical prints in her color palette, framed with bright chartreuse frames.  I had fun mixing patterns and colors in her pillows and accent chair fabric: 
Purple and green living room

I love giving clients options, so similar with my other living room design, I added a second page of additional suggestions for pieces that Lisa could swap in to the living room based on her preferences:
Purple and Green Living Room

I would love to hear what you think of the room and/or any other ideas you have for the space, so leave me a comment!  If you know anyone who wants a fresh look for a room in their home, send them my way.  You can see my portfolio of mood boards here.

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