DIY Paper Origami Shamrock Craft

March 07, 2017 | FILED UNDER: St. Patrick's Day, Paper

I’m so excited about how this origami shamrock craft turned out! I do realize these are technically four leaf clovers, and shamrocks are three leaves, but I am using the terms interchangeably for the purpose of this tutorial. I hope you don’t mind! To make these origami four leaf clovers I used a simple tutorial for making paper shamrocks. I love how modern they look when “potted” in fun geometric wood planters. I think they make for some chic St. Patrick’s Day decor!

How to make paper shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day - so simple with this tutorial!

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Supplies for DIY Paper Origami Shamrock Craft

How to make paper shamrocks - so simple with this tutorial!

How to Make Origami Four Leaf Clovers

Step 1. To make the paper four leaf clovers, I followed this simple tutorial from Martha Stewart. Each sheet of origami paper will make four shamrocks. You can also cut green card stock into similar sized squares.

How to make a paper origami shamrock or four leaf clover - so easy!

You’ll want about 20 shamrocks per pot. I like using a couple different shades of green to add depth to the arrangement.

How to make paper shamrocks - so easy!

Step 2. To create stems for your shamrocks, cut pieces of floral wire into thirds with wire cutters.

Step 3. Bend the top of each short piece of floral wire to create a base for the shamrock.

Step 4. Add a dab of hot glue to the bent part of the floral wire and attach a shamrock to the glue.

How to Paint Geometric Pots

**Note** These specific wood pots are no longer available but you can still use this technique to paint a geometric design on any wood pot.

Step 1. Use stencil tape (or thin masking or painter’s tape) to section off different parts of your pot to paint. Run the tape right along the line and use your fingernail to smooth down so paint doesn’t seep underneath. If you have a steady hand, you can skip this taping step and just use your foam brush to carefully paint within each section of the pot.

Love these geometric wood pots from the Kid Made Modern line at Target!

Step 2. Paint a section at a time, switching up the colors used in each section. Apply a second coat once the first coat is dry to the touch (15 minutes or so).

Love these geometric wood pots from the Kid Made Modern line at Target!

Step 3. Once you have applied two coats, peel off the tape. Wait until the paint is fully dry before taping off the remaining sections.

Love these geometric wood pots from the Kid Made Modern line at Target!

Step 4. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit your pot and then stick the shamrocks into the foam.

Simple paper shamrocks craft idea

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